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Labor Day Weekend

[ 22 ] August 31, 2012 |

A little inspiration for everyone on the road this Labor Day weekend:


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  1. J. Otto Pohl says:

    I think Dr. Loomis needs a calender. Labor Day is an international holiday and is celebrated on the first of May not in September.

    • Erik Loomis says:

      Does that include Ghana, also known as Paradise on Earth (TM)?

    • DocAmazing says:

      Isn’t May Day a bit Red for you, Dr. Pohl?

      • J. Otto Pohl says:

        No, it is a minor holiday in the former USSR. I lived in Kyrgyzstan for four years. The big holiday which gives legitimacy to the Soviet political past and particularly the most popular Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin is 9 May or Victory Day. No communist has paid attention any real to workers’ rights for a long time since it is considered “mere trade union consciousness.” Independent trade unions were crushed already under Lenin. Instead the Reds pay attention to the military glory of 9 May 1945 when the Soviet Union managed to conquer half of Europe for nearly half a century.

        • J. Otto Pohl says:

          Oops I meant “No communist has paid any real attention to workers’ rights for a long time…”

        • DrDick says:

          You do realize that there are and have been socialists outside of the former Soviet bloc (even here at LGM!), aren’t you? The holiday itself is a socialist holiday celebrated by socialists and members of the labor movement worldwide. Maybe you should get out a bit more.

          • J. Otto Pohl says:

            Well there was Mao in China, but he was not nearly as successful as the Soviets. The USSR was the most successful socialist experiment ever conducted on a large scale. But, its forced development could only be achieved at great human costs. Something Lenin and his followers were well aware of even in 1917. Most leftists in the world during the 20th Century were in fact pro-Soviet rather than being Trotskyites, Maoists, or other smaller socialist factions. May Day predates the formation of the USSR and it gets scant attention as I said compared to “Victory Day.” It is much more fun to celebrate the mass deportation of Estonian and Latvian women and children than non-existent workers’s rights.

  2. Otto Umpire says:

    We’ll meet again,
    Don’t know where,don’t know when.
    But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.

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