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Mitt Romney, White Supremacist

[ 184 ] July 25, 2012 |

If the Romney campaign wants to run on an open platform of white supremacy (oh I’m sorry “Anglo-Saxon heritage”), I say that’s the greatest thing since, well, ever. Nothing screams candidate of 21st century America like open white supremacy. I guess if Romney’s goal is to win less than 25% of the under 30 vote, this is a good start!


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  1. firefall says:

    Nothing screams candidate of 21st century America like open white supremacy

    You may think you’re being ironic, but I think this is literally true, for a Republican candidate. And I’m fairly sure the Rmoney campaign has already written off all the non-white & most of the under-30 year old vote anyway, and are depending on frenetic elderly voters and soured/unemployed working stiffs, and banking on the crappy economy swinging it for them.

    Which, given the staggering ineptness his campaign has displayed pretty much all year, is about the only way it will work. I was contemplating gathering a book together of all his cockups, lies, and missteps, and titling it ‘How to win a campaign without even trying’ … or ‘How tolose a campaign without even trying’, depending on Nov 6 of course

    • Cody says:

      Yes, I was thinking the exact same thing actually. He’s waiting for someone to say they were being racist. At which point he will immediately scream “There’s that Black President playing the race card again!!!”, and every right-winger will immediately want to vote for him even more than before.

      • NonyNony says:

        If he’s waiting for Obama to call him out for being racist, he’s going to have to do something more extreme than this. Obama’s most famous campaign trait is that he remains unflappable under pressure.

        Essentially about the only way to get Obama to complain that Romney is race-baiting is to stop using the dog whistle and make it obvious. That might (might mind you) get Obama to say “wow get a load of how racist this guy is”.

        • Cody says:

          Good Point. I imagine he’s more than aware of the Right’s desire to get him to speak out on it.

        • Informant says:

          It doesn’t have to be Obama or anybody from his campaign. If a DKos poster with the handle “xxKidIcarusxx,” writes that it’s racist, the Right Wing Noise Machine will announce that Obama is playing the race card (as they already do on a regular basis).

          • NonyNony says:

            Yeah but so what? That’s background noise at this point – it’s been going on for over 4 years at this point.

            What matters is if the campaign makes a big deal out of it OR some PAC associated with the campaign starts making a big deal out of it.

            And they won’t. Because Obama doesn’t need to advertise “hey the Republicans this year? They’re racist.” Because Republicans have decided to campaign on “hey vote for us – we can pander to racists!” Anyone paying attention who cares about racism has figured it out – and anyone who doesn’t care or isn’t paying attention isn’t going to be swayed by Obama complaining about it or pointing it out at this point.

            So Romney needs to basically drop an n-bomb to get Obama to complain. And even then the best he’d probably get from Obama is a shake of the head and a “can you believe this guy thinks that’s the way a President should talk” response.

        • DrDick says:

          They have retired the dog whistles in favor of klaxons.

  2. rcobeen says:

    The article is indeed scary, but can we make sure we keep things accurate. The adviser quoted above wasn’t directly discussing Argentina and is rather obviously not talking about Argentina. The phrase “reach out to America’s adversaries” is code for Muslim nations and another way to imply that Obama is Muslim. That’s worth emphasizing, not pretend snark about Argentina being referenced as an adversary.

  3. This is what happens when you leave your dog whistle in your other khakis.

  4. Pseudonym says:

    You know who else loved to emphasize the importance of pure undiluted Germanic bloodlines?

  5. c u n d gulag says:

    In the Conservatives desire to ‘take America back’ to pre-Civil Right’s days, it sounds like Mitt’s campaign staff is missing an opportunity – they should stick Mitt in a button-down cardigan sweater, give him a pipe, and make political ads about ‘My Five Sons.’
    Of course, they’ll still have to install the “Thoughtfulness” and “Empathy” software that he lacks, and Fred McMurray oozed.
    The only thing Mitt oozes is disingenuousness.

    And I am heartily sick of all of the ‘Code-talking.’ Look, just go ahead and say what you want to – the “N-word.’ You’ll all feel better – and it’s not like “Rational America” doesn’t know what all of the bullsh*t you’re spewing is really about – racism as a wedge issue.

  6. Clark says:

    George Romney would be proud.

  7. herr doktor bimler says:

    From the Daily Torygraph story:

    Mitt Romney would restore “Anglo-Saxon” understanding to the special relationship between the US and Britain, and return Sir Winston Churchill’s bust to the White House, according to advisers.

    Perhaps someone should advise the advisers — and the Daily Telegraph — that the Epstein bust of Winston Churchill belongs to the UK Government Art Collection, and although Romney may be used to things he wants simply appearing when he snaps his fingers, in this case it is not his decision.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      The underlying message might have been “I will make England the US’s bitch again and pillage it at leisure, in the best Anglo-Saxon tradition”… but it could have been expressed more clearly

    • rea says:

      This “Churchill bust” thing is a longstanding rightwingnut complaint about Obama, and a complete mystery. What, the US should honor the UK by stealing its property?

      • NonyNony says:

        You don’t understand at all. For that you should be happy because it probably means that you don’t know any “I’m not racist but” Republicans (or you don’t engage them in conversation).

        The “giving the Churchill bust back” is supposed to show Obama’s contempt either for our shared English heritage (because Obama isn’t a part of that shared English heritage because he’s a Kenyan Muslim blackity black guy – and yeah, they mean WASP here when they say “English”, though they’ve forgotten what all of those letters after the W mean) OR his contempt for conservatism (because Churchill).

        If you’re conservative but not racist, the “contempt for Churchill’s memory” bit leaps up. If you’re conservative and mildly racist, the “contempt for our history with England” bit leaps up. If you’re conservative and wildly racist it transforms into “Obama wants to help Kenyan Muslims overthrow the British government and implement Shari’a Law at Westminster” or something equally stupid.

        The actual underlying fact – that it was a loan from the UK government returned when Bush left office – is unimportant. Because the factoid isn’t relevant for anything real, it merely reinforces the idea that Obama has contempt for something that the listener thinks is important and works on multiple levels. If you’re not already pre-disposed to think that Obama is going to wreck the country, then it passes right by you as a “WTF are you talking about” moment. A dog-whistle, in other words.

      • Getting rid of the Churchill bust shows that Obama is anti-colonial.

        This is a bad thing, you see. No, seriously.

        Hell if I know; they’re wingnuts.

      • Spuddie says:

        What, the US should honor the UK by stealing its property?

        The Greeks had the same questions about the Elgin Marbles

    • Bill Murray says:

      If Romney wins, shouldn’t we get a bust of Æthelred the Unready, as it seems more apropos and is very Angle-Saxon

    • Njorl says:

      But Jennie Churchill’s bust was 100% American!

  8. Sly says:

    At last, a President of the United States with the courage to tell the Normans to go fuck themselves.

  9. Heron says:

    He’ll restore our “Anglo-Saxon” connection, huh? He’ll be well-disappointed, then. Genetic studies as far back as the late 90s have consistently shown there hasn’t been any significant change in the genetic make-up of the inhabitants of the British isles over, at least, the last 3000 years. The “English” aren’t Anglo-Saxons; they’re Celts(or more accurately, whoever the hell lived there before Celtic culture spread to the islands) who, for reasons a history book can explain far better than a blog comment can, speak a polyglot language influenced by pretty much every other language spoken in the lands bordering the North Sea. Except for Finnish. Unless they were born in Saxony or the Danish peninsula, A US or English citizen is only “Anglo-Saxon” is a rather limited cultural sense.

    And just because it’s a pet peeve, most historians of the period of the “Anglo-Saxon invasion” agree that many if not most of the invaders and immigrants were Frisians rather than Angles or Saxons. Where’s the love, Romney?

    • Dave says:

      Which makes you wonder, rather, why the Welsh have such a f*cking big chip on their shoulder.

      • Heron says:

        Probably because they’ve spent most of the last thousand years being called foreigners in their own country, though I’d wager it has more to do with the violence of Longshanks’ invasion and the later campaign to suppress their language and culture. Lots of this stuff gets generalized over time as well. What began as ill-will among a displaced elite centuries ago becomes, by virtue of being written down, how later generations end up remembering the event. The role played in English identity by the works of Bede and Geoffrey of Monmouth are both good examples of that tendency.

      • timb says:

        Maybe because no one can pronounce anything in their language?

        • firefall says:

          Well the english stole all their spaces, resulting in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch and other nightmares

          • Holden Pattern says:

            And you win the internets today. I am actually laughing out loud.

          • DrDick says:

            Well the english stole all their spaces

            Not to mention the vowels.

          • timb says:

            The Welsh: We didn’t want to live in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch. The English made us do it! And, then took our damn longbows so they can fight the French, and then…”

            They trailed off when they realized the 1500 year tradition of not listening to anything they said was happening again.

      • Hogan says:

        “The Welsh character is an interesting study,” said Dr. Fagan. “I have often considered writing a little monograph on the subject, but I was afraid it might make me unpopular in the village. The ignorant speak of them as Celts, which is of course wholly erroneous. They are of pure Iberian stock– the aboriginal inhabitants of Europe who survive only in Portugal and the Basque district. Celts readily intermarry with their neighbours and absorb them. From the earliest times the Welsh have been looked upon as an unclean people. It is thus that they have preserved their racial integrity. Their sons and daughters rarely mate with human-kind except their own blood relations. In Wales there was no need for legislation to prevent the conquering people intermarrying with the conquered. In Ireland that was necessary, for there intermarriage was a political matter. In Wales it was moral. . . . I often think,” he continued, “that we can trace almost all the disasters of English history to the influence of Wales. Think of Edward of Carnarvon, the first Prince of Wales, a perverse life, Pennyfeather, and an unseemly death, then the Tudors and the dissolution of the Church, then Lloyd George, the temperance movement, Nonconformity and lust stalking hand in hand through the country, wasting and ravaging.”

      • JohnR says:

        They’re Welsh; what more do you need to say?

  10. Warren Terra says:

    I just want to know which is the greater sin against Anglo-Saxon solidarity in the minds of Torygraph readers: Obama’s Kenyan heritage or his Irish heritage?

  11. muffler says:

    This isn’t even a dog whistle… it’s a direct statement. Funny though… Mormons aren’t part of either the Roman Catholic Church or the Church of England, so it always amazes how people choose which level of discrimination they wish to subscribe to as if it can’t be applied to them. Well MItt… you may be white, but your not anglo-saxon.

    • Rarely Posts says:

      This. He forgot the “P” in “WASP.” All the more reason to forget the whole package of discrimination.

      • Cody says:

        I thought the “P” stood for “People with money”.

        Is that not right?

      • Bobby Thomson says:

        Actually, Mormons are Protestants.

        • Rarely Posts says:

          Whether or not the word “protestant” includes Mormons depends on the context and how you’re using the word.

          As used in the word “WASP,” “protestant” does not include Mormons. “WASP” is used to refer to a certain high status, privileged elite. That elite was defined in part by the inclusion of Mainline Protestants deriving from the Reformation, and by the exclusion of religious outsiders (such as Jews and Catholics). Because the term was primarily used in the past to describe the power dynamics of the United States and specifically the Northeast, it did not include “Mormons” because they were viewed (and are often still viewed) as religious outsiders–just as it would not include Greek Orthodox, Copts, etc.

          Of course, the entire term “WASP” is mostly a reference to a past social dynamic and has little resonance today, given the decline in emphasis on ethnic/religious differences among Americans descended by Europeans. For example, for a long time, the Supreme Court was dominated by WASPs. Now, it consists of Catholics and Jews.

          The end of discrimination along those lines is one of the triumphs of the last century. But, for the same reasons, we shouldn’t be discriminating on the basis of “Anglo-Saxon” or “White” identity either.

          • Rarely Posts says:

            Also, the Supreme Court has never included a Mormon, despite a large numbers of Mormons in the United States.


            Compare that to the massive representation of the groups typically identified as “protestant” for the purpose of the word “WASP”–33 Episcopalians, 18 Presbyterians, nine Unitarians, five Methodists, three Baptists, and lone representatives of various other denominations

          • Malaclypse says:

            Whether or not the word “protestant” includes Mormons depends on the context and how you’re using the word.

            As someone raised in the LDS church, please believe me that Mormons don’t consider themselves Protestant. I can bore people with a discussion of Mormon understandings of apostolic succession, but the short version is that Mormons consider protestants to be completely devoid of any justifiable spiritual authority.

  12. Anonymous says:

    So thin…it’s embarrassing to see Erik carrying water for the extremists of his party.

    Few voters will agree with any of this.

  13. Steve LaBonne says:

    Proof positive that they regard this as almost purely a base-turnout election. (Rightly so- polls are showing only around 8% of the electorate that isn’t firmly locked in.) Since Obama is very much a known quantity, this dog-whistling (or by now, screaming) strategy of “othering” is good for nothing except as a lame attempt to excite the most troglodytic elements of their base.

  14. Sherm says:

    Every day this jackass wastes talking foreign policy is a good day for the Obama campaign.

    • Steve LaBonne says:

      That’s pretty much true of every day this jackass wastes talking, period.

    • Cody says:

      I’m rather disturbed they said they would reverse Obama’s policy of decreasing Defense spending and repairing strained relationships. I knew the first one was coming, but isn’t reversing the second one basically stating that he’s going to flip off the whole international community if elected?

      Obama hasn’t exactly been overseas bribing foreign nations in his term. Unless you mean bribing them with drone strikes…

      • Steve LaBonne says:

        You should be even more disturbed that they have all the true crazies, like John Bolton, on board and just waiting to work their magic in an Rmoney administration. IOW it’s a lot worse than just loose talk.

  15. Lee says:

    Isn’t the term Anglo-Saxon a bit old-fashioned even for a baby-boomer? The only people who should be capable of using the term non-ironically should have adults when Romney was a kid.

    Besides, Romney’s dark hair clearly identifies him as a Norman. The Anglo-Saxons were blondes.

  16. That will go over big in South Boston.

  17. Joshua says:

    Will Mitt Romney also restore the custom of giving foreign leaders impromptu massages? Because Obama has shamefully abandoned that one too.

  18. DMN says:

    “he feels that the special relationship is special,” Don’t worry about a racism here. Pay attention to the lameness factor, though. As far as “appeasement,” Mitt’s just trying to lubricate his “special relationship” prior to his upcoming visit to the U.K.

  19. meese says:

    Lee Atwater’s corpse just got monster wood.

  20. mike in dc says:

    Shorter Rmoney campaign: “The President is a-near!”

  21. Bart says:

    When Willard speaks to Israelis, in full Kow-Tow mode, he will invoke our Judeo-Christian heritage, even though his appears to be neither.

  22. tomstickler says:

    So, is the Romney campaign channeling an old Glenn Beck conspiracy theory about why the Churchill bust was sent back?


    for the debunk. Hint: it was on loan to Dubya, and was scheduled to be returned no matter who was elected in 2008.

  23. So the Rmoney crew fired back:

    Today, the race for the highest office in our land was diminished to a sad level when the Vice President of the United States used an anonymous and false quote from a foreign newspaper to prop up their flailing campaign. The President’s own press secretary has repeatedly discredited anonymous sources, yet his political advisors saw fit to advance a falsehood. We have very serious problems confronting our nation and American families are hurting, yet the Obama campaign continues to try to divert voters’ attention with specious shiny objects. We have more faith in American voters, and know they will see this latest desperate ploy for what it is.

    1. What kind of newspaper was that, Chip? Ah, that kind. Figures.

    2. Rule of thumb: When a campaign uses the word “desperate” to describe an attack, that means it hurt.

  24. Malaclypse says:

    Eric Rauchway for the win:

    When Theodore Roosevelt is less racist than you are, you have some work to do.

  25. […] A blogger who is a poli sci prof at the University of Rhode Island called Romney a “white supremacist.” […]

  26. Shannon says:

    Actually, an all white Anglo-Saxon party should be successful, considering the country still is 70% white. I never could understand all the media attention on say, who the Jews will vote for, there are only 2% of the population. Or we have to have the Hispanic vote, what for, they are only 20% of the population, or blacks were only 11% of the population. Let all the minorities be Democrats, and of course the so-called white progressives. But even white progressives are waking up to the fact that their children be born into a world where they already are minorities, hated minorities, in which no appeasement by liberals who are white can ever amend. It really is time to start thinking about the future of our children as minorities, I know what it’s like to be a white minority, I grew up in Hawaii as a white minority ruled over by Asians.I learned how to think like a minority, because I was a minority, there is actually strength in being a hated minority.if you don’t think so, ask most hated minority in the world how they fare, the Jews. Being hated for the Jews has been a blessing, they are the richest people in the world can have at home country. Time for people to start thinking like Jews, why not, you are already hated and blamed for everything like the Jews used to be except for now it is white people who are hated.

    • DrDick says:

      Slow day over at Stormfront? That is two of you mouth breathing whackloons today.

    • Cody says:

      Wait… what?

      I think Progressives are the only ones PREPARED to be a minority. They believe minority’s have the right to be represented and respected. More importantly, they believe being a minority shouldn’t make it harder to have a good life. However, Conservatives believe the only way to deal with a minority is suppress its votes and take away their rights’. Once you become in the minority, you will indeed be loss. You’ll suddenly find yourself stripped of your rights if you keep following your own policies, or discover you’re just radical racists.

  27. […] written before, these criticisms never seem to spell out a real alternative policy solution. h/t Erik Loomis, though he was focusing on the "Anglo-Saxon" part Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to […]

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