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Had A Nice Day?


No? It was scorching hot and dry, even if humid? Hard to imagine why, given that this week’s drought update shows the nation in officially the worst drought of the 21st century. An amazing 42% of the nation is in Severe Drought and 14% in Extreme Drought, according to the National Drought Mitigation Center.

The full report here.

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  • Dr.Doom

    I think you want to link this to climate change. It used to be called global warming until it quit warming about 17 years ago.

    So….link it.

    Stop beating around the bush, here. Quit asking your readers to jump to a conclusion that you, yourself, are unwilling to state.

    • It’s true, I haven’t made that direct connection in a blog post in like 24 hours. I am simply too cowardly to do so anymore.

      • wengler


      • Pith Helmet

        {golf clap} well-played, good sir.

      • Malaclypse

        Next thing you know, you’ll be hiding behind 47 bazillion sock puppets.

      • Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.

    • Murc

      It used to be called global warming until it quit warming about 17 years ago.

      I don’t think this is right. Got an authoritative cite? You know, something from a National Science Academy-equivalent or the NOAA or NASA or something?

      • sparks

        But those places have scientists!, and you know they can’t be trusted with all their fancy book learnin’ and funny talk. Convincing proof comes from TV weathermen.

      • Njorl

        About 19 years ago, there were 2 consecutive anomolously cool years followed by another year which was warmer, but still below the warming trend line. Jackasses decided that global warming ended then. Since then, every year has been warmer than those three. Five times, new records have been set for hottest recorded year. If you cherry-pick a range from 1944 to 1993, you don’t see a warming trend.

    • Pith Helmet

      Wait, what?

    • You know, I really, REALLY wish that I could be a global warming denialist–genuinely believe that it’s all some sort of inexplicable conspiracy, you know. It would just be SO fucking comforting, and significantly reduce my general stress level. Alas, belonging to the reality-based community is not something that one can turn on and off at will. Dammit.

    • DrDick

      It used to be called global warming until it quit warming about 17 years ago.

      Oddly, NASA disagrees with you. Do call back when yo have some actual data or at least a fucking clue.

      • delurking


    • ligne

      “It used to be called global warming until it quit warming about 17 years ago.”

      you really should use your time machine to go back to the late ’80s and warn the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that they’re jumping the gun with their naming decision.

  • Pssh. We had way worse droughts than this back in the Appalachian orogeny. Why do you hate the Appalachians, Erik? Why? What have they ever done to you?

  • Linnaeus

    Folks might be interested in Bill McKibben’s article in Rolling Stone that came out today:

    If the pictures of those towering wildfires in Colorado haven’t convinced you, or the size of your AC bill this summer, here are some hard numbers about climate change: June broke or tied 3,215 high-temperature records across the United States. That followed the warmest May on record for the Northern Hemisphere – the 327th consecutive month in which the temperature of the entire globe exceeded the 20th-century average, the odds of which occurring by simple chance were 3.7 x 10-99, a number considerably larger than the number of stars in the universe.

    • Sherm

      Thanks for the link. But damn that was a depressing read.

  • wjts

    It was scorching hot and dry, even if humid?

    Nope. I’ve been in London for a month or so and the temperatures have generally been in the 50s and 60s, occasionally creeping as high as 75. Which is no cause for concern, because everyone knows that “global warming” means that the temperature everywhere on Earth will be 120 degrees at all times forever and ever (even during the very scary night-times when the sun has been temporarily devoured by a giant elk before being shat out again the next morning) so I can conclude with 100% certainty that Al Gore is fat and has a beard.

    • Linnaeus


    • BigHank53

      Piker. When I was a wee lad, the giant elk would swallow the sun for six months at a time, and the whole world would freeze solid. The only way we could stay alive would be to rub stale metaphors together until they caught fire.

      • ScottRS

        And we liked it…

      • wjts

        Well, nowadays you can’t get giant elk of the same quality that we had back then, can you?

    • Cody

      Yes, this is a good reason as any for me to move to Canada (or less drastically, Seattle). I’m not willing to move to England though. I’ll just deal with the heat and dryness!

  • John

    There’s been quite a bit of rain over the last few days here in the mid-Atlantic.

    • redwoods

      Yeah, it’s paired up nicely with the 105 degree heat index in the form of monsterous thunderstorms here in the Chesapeake, so what’s your fucking point?

  • Matt T. in New Orleans

    We’ve had a fairly wet summer so far. Nothing concentrated, but every afternoon around for or so, it gets nice and cool for a half-hour and then the skies open up and the streets flood for a bit. And then it’s back to being slightly less humid than soup. It’s a typical New Orleans summer, really, only a bit more so. Last year was weird, though. Nowhere near as much rain and hot as blazes, shockingly so said the locals. Hurricanes have basically left us be, too.

  • Henry Holland

    [Randy Newman voice] Looks like another perfect day/I love LA! [/RN voice]

    What is this heat you speak of? I’ve only experienced cool ocean breezes, gray mornings > sunny afternoons and an absolutely spectacular sunset last night.

    It’s like the sky is on fire!

    For all the downsides of living in certain areas here, the weather sure makes up for them a lot of the time. While people are boiling or going up in flames elsewhere, I have to put on an extra t-shirt once the sun goes down. While people are digging themselves out of snow storms and having to start their car 10 minutes early before leaving for work so it defrosts, I’m eating breakfast at my local diner in shorts and a t-shirt.

    It makes the living hell that is the 10 and 405 freeways a bit bearable.

    • If you click on Henry’s HuffPo link, vote my shot, #49, up. Thanks!!

  • delurking

    Here in Fort Smith, Arkansas it’s been at 100 degrees or above 100 degrees since the middle of June. According to our weather guy, it’s going to hit 111 tomorrow. Not as bad (yet) as last summer, when we hit 114 for two weeks straight, but fairly unpleasant.

    • delurking

      Oh, and almost no rain. We’ve had two or three storms all summer long. This is not typical NW Arkansas weather — or, well, I guess it didn’t used to be.

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