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Shorter Josh Treviño: “Smear the Queer”


I know it’s shocking that conservatives would support both bullying and homophobia. In case you had forgotten this, allow me to present you with Josh Treviño’s response to this story of Romney being a homophobic bully in high school. Among his tweets on it include:

What this ludicrous story on Young Mitt represents is the intersection of the political hit piece with the anti-bullying hysteria.


I actually feel better about Mitt, knowing he’ll forcibly cut hippies’ hair:

Now, one can debate the relevance of a story about a presidential candidate in high school, although bullying tendencies at age 15 don’t always go away. But as Ezra Klein pointed out in another tweet, “the reactions are telling us some disturbing things about others.” Indeed they are. They remind us that conservatives love bullying and they love homophobia. And that includes supposedly serious and respectable conservative Josh Treviño.

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  • Epicurus

    “…cut hippies’ hair”?? WTF?? Is this idiot stuck in 1968? Please…please restore some sanity to our political debates. Please, I’m begging you, as a human being. This debases us both. (With apologies to Tracy Morgan, et al.)

    • Joshua

      They all are. You just noticed? It’d been dead obvious since about 1994.

    • DrDick

      Restoring sanity to our public debates will require the total destruction of modern movement conservatism and the Republican Party.

      • Holden Pattern

        Which will only happen if they SELF-destruct, because nobody with any power is interested in destroying them.

    • swearyanthony

      I dunno man, Romney had early tendendencies to hair-dressing, and it appears to have engaged in it in an overtly exhibitionist way.

      Crazy jesus dolphin lady would say: is it irresponsible to speculate? It is irresponsible not to.

    • BigHank53

      Do you remember when the US decided to help Ethiopia get rid of the Islamic Courts Union in Somalia? One of the pretexts was an interview with a young man who’d been arrested and had his dreadlocks cut off. Really. I’m not kidding here.

  • nonunique

    There’s a Swiftboat Vets for Truth joke in there somewhere, but I’m not man enough to find it.

    • Walt

      You lie. There is no Swiftboat Vets for Truth joke in there.

  • So you mean the Iraq War wasn’t enough evidence of the rightwing fapping over bullying?

  • Big Dry

    Considering Romney’s unerring instinct for self-immolation, I am assuming one of his sons will soon come out. Or maybe I’m just hoping karma kicks in.

    • Golden underwear would be a big hit in West Hollywood…just sayin.

  • I’m sure if Romney forcefully cut off a Jewish student’s side-locks Mr. Trevino would still consider it to be all in good fun.

  • Warren Terra

    The thing that comes dripping from every page of that story, as in Mitt’s life more broadly, is the attitude of entitlement. Not a single story of how he ever did anything for someone else – just how he was Royalty, and was entitled to mistreat students and teachers alike, but would sometimes condescend to be friendly to selected students of inferior status while on school grounds. Certainly you don’t get the sense that he ever felt the urge to reconcile with those he hurt. Meanwhile, his father makes an appearance in the story as a much more human figure.

    Also note his athletic activities in prep school: some track, manager of the hockey team (huh?), and … cheerleader. Wasn’t one bullying cheerleader Republican enough?

    • David M. Nieporent

      A teenager with a sense of entitlement? Stop the presses.

      • Malaclypse

        I do realize that being a libertarian gives you a sample-selection problem, but not all teenagers are selfish narcissistic assholes.

        • DrDick

          not all teenagers are selfish narcissistic sociopathic assholes


      • Warren Terra

        God knows, every teenager I ever met was completely self confident and felt completely empowered to pick on any other student or indeed teacher they cared to.

        • CJColucci

          My memory may be suspect because I haven’t been a teenager in decades, but that’s not how I remember it. We were all assholes, of course, but most of us were not that kind of asshole.

          • Warren Terra

            I may have been attempting sarcasm.

            • CJColucci

              Looking back, I should have seen that.

            • Walt

              And here I just thought you were cool.

  • david mizner

    At least he didn’t put the hippie on the roof of his car.

    Bullying, animal cruelty, he likes firing people…I see a certain trend emerging.

    • DrDick

      Can you say “sociopathy”? I knew you could.

  • But what if the hair is cut and the socialistic tendencies persist? WHAT THEN?

    • swearyanthony


  • Estragon

    The thing I hate most about the Left, is their callous disregard for personal freedoms.

    • Is this sarcasm or what?

      • david mizner

        If you think it is, it is.

      • Estragon

        Maybe not my finest work, but yes, this is supposed to be sarcasm.

        • Furious Jorge

          Don’t sell yourself short. It was pretty solid work, I thought.

      • Walt

        Just remember, Andrew, every time someone fails to get a joke on the Internet, an angel has his wings ripped off.

  • Malaclypse

    He may or may not have been specifically homophobic. But he was certainly consistently cruel to those weaker or less popular.

    • Joshua

      Seems to be a running theme in Republican Presidential nominees.

      • DrDick

        Sociopaths ‘R’ Us is the modern GOP’s motto.

      • MAJeff

        And conservatives more generally.

    • Manta1976

      And how exactly is his (supposed) cruelty relevant to the presidential election? Maybe he likes to torture puppies: how that would make him a worse president?

      • Malaclypse

        Maybe he doesn’t give a fuck if his policies hurt millions while making the right sort of people wealthier. Maybe we could look at how he ran Bain to see if that was likely. Maybe we could look at his record as Stake President.

        Nah, it is easier to pretend this isn’t relevant.

        • Hogan

          Research project: is Romney’s BTKWB number higher or lower than Bush’s?

          • Malaclypse

            I feel confident based on his governatorship that it is lower. Far lower.

            Bush had some basic beliefs. They may have been childish, and selfish, and led to awful results, but I think there were some actual beliefs. Romney, not so much.

            • Hogan

              I was thinking of the public opinion/approval rating aspect.

              • Malaclypse

                So was I. The more you see Mittens, the more you realize he will say or do anything whatsoever that would benefit him.

  • Anderson

    Wait. *Who* “supposes” Trevino to be respectable?

    I may have thought that back in the old Tacitus days, but I was disabused soon enough.

    • swearyanthony

      I believe that is now used as a secret code word now. Ssssh don’t tell.

  • David W.

    Golly gee, it’s sure a coincidence how both Biden and then Obama came out for gay marriage right before this news about Young Romney bullying someone he thought was gay. This would stretch the bounds of plausible deniability even in Wag the Dog.

    • david mizner

      Team Obama is using personal anecdotes and his stances on both economic and social issues to paint him as a cruel, heartless bastard.

    • Malaclypse

      Yea, there was never any hint of Romney being a cruel man before this obvious smear job.

      • David W.

        A hint, yes. This is more than a hint, given the sources and the detail. So far Romney’s inability to recall what others who witnessed the incident remember in vivid detail is telling.

        • DrDick

          I would call his record at Bain as far more than a “hint.”

        • Brutusettu

          The kid getting penned down and having scissors next to his face might remember it a bit more, is that fair to say?

      • Spud

        The guy was a corporate raider. We already knows he liked firing people, destroying livelihoods and putting old ladies and orphans out on the cold streets.

        This is just icing on the cake.

        Its not like there is some record of Romney being a liar…except for maybe this or this

    • mark f

      “Bob, Joe” said Gallant, “I now pronounce you lawfully wedded.”

      Goofus bullies a gay student and cuts his hair.

      And thus San Francisco’s and Provincetown’s presidential electors were secured.

    • Ben

      Yeah, faking a war to distract the press from the President banging a girl scout is much more plausible than the President making symbolic gestures on an issue around the same time people discover that his opponent who always acts like a dick also acted like a dick in high school about the same issue.

      Although I can’t tell if your comment has its tongue in its cheek or not. If so, consider this comment’s tongue in its.

      • David W.

        My tounge was firmly in cheek WRT Wag the Dog, but I do think it’s interesting and not coincidental that this story about Romney bullying someone he thought was gay is coming out today. Romney’s inability to recall something that others are describing in great detail is not something that puts him in a good light. While Dan Savage and other have been telling young gays that it gets better, it sure hasn’t yet and bullying gays is an issue that’s gotten some attention lately.

        • Anonymous

          Well, assuming he’s telling the truth about not remembering, it’s not really surprising – I think that’s pretty typical. For the person who is bullied, the incident is a threatening, traumatic experience that is seared into their memory. For the bully, it’s really not a very important event in their life, nor is the target an important person to them. The incident doesn’t affect the bully’s life at all, so they’re much less likely to remember it. In short, Mitt Romney is a bully. But we knew that already.

          • DrDick

            We tend not to remember the routine events in our life, which makes this perhaps even more telling.

            • kerry


          • Spud

            Did someone replace our old Anonymous with decaf without telling us?

            If so, can we keep him?

            • kerry

              Anonymous, now not just for trolling! Ha, sorry, I guess it’s rather impolite to post without a name, but I am both shy and lazy. However, might as well pick one now (actually, I Think I may have used this one a few times before, but it gets lost every time I shut my browser and, well, see: lazy).

        • Warren Terra

          First of all, the story isn’t just about that bullying event – it includes stories of bullying other students, including a “stunt” of police impersonation that had a young lady thinking her life might be ruined, and stories of bullying a teacher. The most vivid story, and the one the authors come back to a couple of times, involves sissy-bashing, and that’s getting almost all the attention at the moment – but you may be switching cause and effect when you look at what’s getting the attention.

          In terms of when this story was released, and possible coordination with Obama’s announcement, the mechanics seem daunting and I can’t see how the payoff would be worth the risks. It’s clear that compiling the story involved weeks of work, contacting dozens of people. The story is extremely disjointed and badly written, but this may be par for the course. Even if the story was rushed to print – or delayed until relevant news stories would boost its impact – this wouldn’t necessarily imply collusion with Obama. You may have noticed, after all, that Biden came out for Gay Marriage on Sunday, and that North Carolina voted to ban all Gay Partnership on Tuesday. Either of those could have triggered the story’s release on the following Wednesday night.

          • CJColucci

            I’d like to think the Obama administration was skillful and tough enough to do what it has been suggested they did. I’d approve of their doing it if I thought that’s what they were doing. But I don’t think they’re that good.

            • Hogan

              Also it’s hard to imagine the Washington Post doing Obama a solid like that.

  • Uncle Kvetch

    How relieved they must be. In the aftermath of the killing of Trayvon Martin they had to work so hard to be racist and not-racist and you’re-the-real-racist all at the same time, not to mention the dog-whistles and the codes and all the extra typing involved in saying “Now I’m not saying that , but if you really look at things dispassionately and honestly you can’t avoid coming to the conclusion that .”

    “I HATE FAGZ” is ever so much easier.

    • Uncle Kvetch

      Sorry, should have known better — the part in quotes was to read “Now I’m not saying that [x], but if you really look at things dispassionately and honestly you can’t avoid coming to the conclusion that [x].”

  • Alan Tomlinson

    Tell the Secret Service now, I live overseas and I have no desire to ever see Romney in any way shape or form; but if I should happen to cross paths with him, which is in no way a goal of mine, before he apologizes publicly and fucking contritely, I will throw rocks, books, shoes, whatever the fuck I can find, until he loses consciousness.

    I’ve met evil fucks like him before-let him bleed.

    Alan Tomlinson

  • NBarnes

    Even in this cynical age, I am very nearly actively shocked by the savagery and hate of Trevino’s tweet. Is it more damaging to his image in the eyes of decent people if he’s lying or he’s telling the truth?

  • Holden Pattern

    One is always fascinated by the modern conservative’s deployment of the rhetoric of individuality in service of neofeudalism and vicious enforcement of conformity and hierarchy.

  • Just in case anybody wants to invoke the “things were different then” excuse for Romney’s behavior: I went to high school in the early 60s. It was a public school, but a very good one. Kids who were perceived to be deviant were certainly bullied, especially the”sissies,” which is what homosexuals were called at the time. Thing is, and this is my point, such cruelty to vulnerable classmates was always thought to be low and unacceptable behavior by a majority of students. It was, to use an expression we used at the time, low class. My friends and I were hardly paragons of tolerance and, anyhow, barely understood what homosexuality was; but we damned well knew that it wasn’t right to gang up on helpless individuals. Judging from the Washington Post story, the witnesses of Romney’s acts also knew that what he was doing was wrong, even if they too cowardly to stop him.

    • pete

      That was also true then at my school in England, a relatively modest private school (“public” in the British sense). Judging by people I met at Oxford, it may not have been true in the most heavily entitled schools, particularly Eton, some of whose alumni seemed to have been abused (and definitely became junkies).

    • DrDick

      I was in high school in the late 60s, in Oklahoma, and my experience was much the same as yours and there was zero tolerance for gays and little for anyone who was at all different.

  • joe from Lowell

    I’ve decided that there are two types of problems: Democratic problems and Republican problems. Democratic problems are those that actually exist in the world outside, and are significant enough to justify concern, while Republican problems are entirely imaginary, or actually good things that would only concern a crazy person.

    Democratic problems: climate change, al Qaeda, deteriorating bridges, unemployment in 2011.

    Republican problems: conspiracies among climatologists, the Saddam/al Qaeda connection, inflation in 2011, the New Black Panther Party

    Anti-bullying hysteria? Totally a Republican problem.

  • wengler

    There is no story I have seen that has dissuaded me from believing that Romney has frontal lobe damage.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    This post desperately needs a link to SadlyNo’s old mash-up of Trevino’s Star-War’s themed wedding photo, because…

    1) It is inherently ridiculous.
    2) Posting it infuriates him, and thus…
    3) He is the last person in the world to applaud people being actually bullied over their appearance.

    • Furious Jorge

      The inclusion of Rick Moranis in that photo is the icing on the wedding cake.

  • Jethro Troll

    In Ohio, people are in prison facing hate-crime charges for exactly the behavior Young Master Willard indulged in.

  • herr doktor bimler

    I actually feel better about Mitt, knowing he’ll forcibly cut hippies’ hair:
    So Josh has no longer a closeted authoritarian fascist? No doubt he feels better now.

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