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Everett Lilly, RIP

[ 15 ] May 16, 2012 |

There’s been way too many great musicians dying lately. I’m sick of writing these posts.


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  1. rea says:

    Dying at age 87 after a long happy life ain’t so bad.

  2. dp says:

    I noticed the same thing. Levon Helm, Duck Dun, the list goes. Mitt Romney needs a plan to prevent this.

  3. Robert Farley says:

    You’re sick of writing one line of text and pasting in some code?

    Scott and I made a terrible mistake when we allowed the LGM contributors to unionize…

  4. ino shinola says:

    Does seem like quite a rash lately, Levon Helm and Earl Scruggs were tough ones for me.

    We remember you well, boys.

  5. Nom de Plume says:

    Yeah, way too many people living well into their ninth decade and being showered with honors after they pass. When will the horror end?

  6. Tommo Cinnabar says:

    Can we get some tears and a post for Chuck Brown?

  7. creature says:

    Chuck Brown, Godfather of GoGo music- a DC fixture for years and a musical treasure. I know there’s been a whole crowd of musical greats passing recently, but this one is particularly sad, to me, at least. My decade or so of DC living turned me onto this absolutely fantastic music, and Chuck was the man who inspired it all.

  8. Conrad says:

    Where’s your Donna Summer post?

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