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Derby Day!

[ 14 ] May 5, 2012 |

Ladies and gentlemen, start your mint juleps. Here’s Smooth Bobby Farley’s Derby picks:

  1. Union Rags
  2. Alpha
  3. Take Charge Indy

Take it to the bank*.

*Do not take to any reputable bank.  Any resemblance to actual order of finish is purely coincidental.




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  1. Whether the union in Union Rags is for workers or Billy Yank, I like the name.

  2. Wyrm1 says:

    Creative Cause, Dullihan, I’ll Have Another.

      • Wyrm1 says:

        Had first and third for the exacta, and the race went more or less as I thought, but I can’t believe Bodemeister held on for second after going out that fast.

        • Ed says:

          Really impressed with the way Bodemeister hung in there, but it was a question mark before the race as to whether he could be rated and the question hasn’t been answered yet. Very pleased for the I’ll Have Another team and the horse has a great name, not that I’ll bet on him for the Preakness. If Bodemeister runs there and has any gas left in the tank, that’s still his race to lose.

          I expect Union Rags to get a new jockey after this latest debacle. I hope that makes a difference but I’m not so sure.

  3. poco says:

    Because I am delusional I am thinking “Union” is named after the 99% and union support, and “Rags” is about how Wisconsin and Michigan governors have treated unions, so I am rooting for the horse with that name.

  4. Hogan says:

    Some day I hope to fulfill my lifelong dream: hearing the Randy Newman version of “My Old Kentucky Home” played at the Derby.

  5. Robert Farley says:

    Aaaaaand fail.

  6. somethingblue says:

    There are reputable banks?

  7. Sharon says:

    We went to our local B’more watering hole to watch the race. Since we were late we had to rely on the kindness of strangers to slide us a horse to root for in the race. 2$ later, we had a horse, a 50 to 1 horse. Needless to say, we didn’t see our horse run because it was so far back, he was out of camera range.

    Congrats to the winners and see y’all at Pimlico!

  8. Roger Ailes says:

    August 8 is Derbyshire Day.

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