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Wankers of the Decade

[ 29 ] April 5, 2012 |

I know my own pet favorite — Stuart Taylor — will be a longshot, but I’m glad that he got Richard Cohen in there.

…also, I think we can all agree that it’s about time for the Editors to come out of retirement. More classic work on Cohen here, here and here.


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  1. My all time favorite Chinless Beaver moment was when he was whining about Colbert at the Press Club Dinner, and said “I’m a really funny guy”.

  2. c u n d gulag says:

    Ah yes, everyone in DC’s favorite “Liberal Chia Pet!”

    The winner’s got to be Thomas Friedman-units.
    Bobo’s also a worthy candidate.

    After all, THEY’RE serious people writing about serious things.
    And on the Op-ed pages of the “Liberal” NY Times, no less.

  3. William Burns says:

    Richard Cohen is a crusader against racism who has done more than any other person to destroy the stereotype that Jews are smart.

  4. Anderson says:

    Speaking of wankers, can nothing be done about the SnorgTees ad with the woman displaying her unbuttoned jeans?

    I mean yes, I can read the t-shirt and get the joke, but it’s kind of an obnoxious ad – more PajamasMedia than LGM, I’d have thought.

  5. Charlie Sweatpants says:

    Colbert humiliating Bush the Younger at that black tie dinner is the gift that keeps on giving. Even six years later, the sanctimonious hissy fit over it remains almost as funny as the performance itself.

  6. Jonas says:

    My all-time favorite Cohen episode is when he attacked Lieberman and Gore in 2000 over a Lieberman quote about God being on America’s side. He spent an entire column attacking Gore-Lieberman over this and comparing them to the more religiously reasonable Bush.

    The kicker? He was wrong about the quote, it was actually a Bush quote, and at the bottom of his next column was a single sentence correction stating that a quote in his previous column attributed to Lieberman was actually spoken by Bush.

  7. Jesse Levine says:

    It’s Broder by 10 lengths.

  8. dp says:

    I miss The Editors sorely.

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