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Football Players in Eugene Smoke Marijuana? Who Knew!

[ 29 ] April 18, 2012 |

It’s almost too easy for ESPN to go to Eugene for this story.


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  1. Joshua says:

    I used to be a liberal, but now that I found out that college students are smoking marijuana, I support the Ryan budget.

  2. Chip says:

    Some football players use real drugs:

  3. Scott Lemieux says:

    Insufficient drug war hysteria is clearly the biggest problem facing college sports today.

  4. Fighng Words says:

    So that’s why their players like those hideous uniforms so much.

  5. Oregon recruiter to all-american football prospect: “By the way, have you read this???

  6. Cheap Wino says:

    Mike Bellotti says, “I think every college has a problem with marijuana. . .” But it’s hard for me to form an opinion because the author seems to have left off the paragraphs that describe what that problem is.

  7. rea says:

    Why do they go to Eugene for the story on this when Michigan State just threw Derrick Nix off its basketball team?

  8. Manju says:

    On the bright side, the fact that they were all in Eugene appears to be uncontroversial.

  9. Bill Murray says:

    Also former Coach Bellotti laments a state law that allows testing only with probable cause.

    Did Darron Thomas get suspended for his part of the Cliff Thomas we smoked all the dope incident?

    • Erik Loomis says:

      No, none of the other players were suspended.

      Nor should they have been really, unless we really think that 19 year olds should be suspended for smoking marijuana. Driving 138 mph down I-5, yes.

      Of course, Thomas was also in the car when Jeremiah Masoli got pulled over for smoking marijuana.

      • Bill Murray says:

        I don’t really care, although breaking the law has led to many suspensions, but supposedly Kelly is a strict disciplinarian but maybe only two times getting caught doesn’t trip Kelly’s strictness radar.

  10. DrDick says:

    Is there anyone in Eugene who doesn’t smoke pot? I am pretty sure even the cops smoke it there.

  11. Steve S. says:

    Not sure how relevant this is, but the largest number of pot smokers I personally have ever been in the company of was in Eugene. Dylan and the Dead, 1987. Stands and stadium floor both packed and many thousands who were not particularly circumspect about torching up.

    • Ken says:

      All things are relevant, man. I mean, have you ever like looked, really looked at the lines in your hand?

    • Erik Loomis says:

      I will say what is relevant- the Dylan and the Dead album is a horrible, horrible record.

      • Steve S. says:

        I wouldn’t go so far as to give two horribles, but yeah, it wasn’t good.

        In those days a Dead concert had moments of tremendous inspiration and long periods of uninspired tedium. Dylan, however, put on a fine show, and the single greatest experience of my limited concert-going life was that day: Rainy Day Women. I’m talking about the overall experience and not strictly the musical performance.

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