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Congratulations to the University of Kentucky Wildcats



As Coach John Calipari is surely banking on, the thing about actually winning the title is that the NCAA won’t vacate your Final Four appearance afterwards. (Thanks a lot Chris Webber).

I’m bitter because the outcome of this game cost me my NCAA pool, and hence a dinner at Frasca. Also.

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  • Robert Farley

    Woo! And/or Hoo!

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    Much as I hate to say so, anyone choosing against UKLV this year doesn’t deserve a dinner at Frasca.

  • scanner

    I’d like my second place trophy for Sleater-Kinney Road shipped overnight express.

    ….I win a trophy, right?

  • c u n d gulag

    Ah, Kentucky wins again.

    This means my Yankees have a great chance at winning the WS’s this year!

    • rea

      An AL East prediction:

      (1) Rays
      (2) Jays
      (3) Red Sox
      (4) Yanks
      (5) Orioles

      • c u n d gulag

        If I wasn’t a lifelong Yankee fan, I’d love to root for the Rays – except that they play in Florida, the “Thank You For Not Shooting Me” state.*

        *h/t to maha.

      • Sherm

        (1) Rays
        (2) Yankees
        (3) Red Sox
        (4) Blue Jays
        (5) Orioles

        • c u n d gulag

          That seems like a pretty realistic projection.

          I’d just like to add that, while the Yanks could move up with a really good season, and a few hiccups on the part of the Rays, they could also fall to 3rd.

          And the Red Sox to 4th.

          But, because KY won, and the stars are aligned, it’s going to be the Yankees year!*
          The NY Yankees – Your 2012 WS Champions!!!

          *And no – I don’t believe in any of that BS. I’m just saying that to annoy the Red Sox fans. ;-)

          • firefall

            I thought it was one of the written rules of baseball, that half of all years are Yankee years? (right after the foul ball rule I think).

          • Sherm

            I was trying to be fair and objective, as opposed to just fucking with Yankee fans. The Red Sox seem to be transforming into the Mets with all their injuries and bad luck, and the Blue Jays are not quite ready to compete in that division. So, between the Yankees and the Rays, I gotta go with the team with the best starting pitching, and that’s clearly the Rays. If Pineda was healthy and throwing 96-97, I’d probably pick the Yankees.

          • efgoldman

            I’m just saying that to annoy the Red Sox fans. ;-)

            Mission accomplished!
            Jeter, A-fraud and Mo will have to concede to age sometime. Pojada’s already gone.

      • Marek

        This is an excellent prediction of the teams most likely to play in the AL East this year.

  • Pith Helmet

    Has the men’s basketball side of the NCAA ever vacated a season like the football side did with Ohio State?

  • Alan Tomlinson

    “6. I understand there’s some kind of game going on this evening where the very white fans of the states of Kentucky and Kansas will be cheering for unpaid black labor.”

    The plantation ethos lives.

    Alan Tomlinson

  • That is a wonderful “be careful what you ask for” picture, by the way.

  • Njorl

    Damn, I had the Barzini family.

  • Speaking of pools (and baseball), whither the LGM baseball challenge?

  • KadeKo

    Out of nowhere to “above the fold”. For the amount of effort I expend, plus my special uniform-based selection process, this yields just too much fun.

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