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News and Notes


Various links and such from the last few days as I catch up on sleep/the world after my time in Madison.

1. Historians are having a collective orgasm today over the release of the 1940 census, which should greatly expand our knowledge of the country on the eve of World War II.

2. Republicans hate democracy.

3. I certainly love conservation as much as anyone and more than most, but I am very curious how a group dedicated to the preservation of the midget faded rattlesnake is going to do in rallying the public. Not well I suppose and that’s sad.

4. Conservative judges take another highly principled stand in favor of small government.

5. Doris Day is alive? I really dislike Pillow Talk.

6. I understand there’s some kind of game going on this evening where the very white fans of the states of Kentucky and Kansas will be cheering for unpaid black labor.

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