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Say this for Rusty, he’s consistent.

Meanwhile, his advertisers continue to violate his Republican First Amendment right to maintain advertising revenue in perpetuity whether or not being associated with his show benefits the advertiser.

…Pollitt is great on this.

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  • I can’t decide if Limbaugh is the Fredo of the Right, or the Christopher Moltisanti; but I’m sure that it’s the fault of CHICAGOALINSKYMUSLIMOBAMA.

  • Joshua

    Did we ever get a countertop report on Fluke?

    • dave

      Yeah. Her countertops are made entirely out of re-purposed birth control products.

  • “What is it with all of these young, single white women?”

    NO! NO! NO! The line is “Where the white women at?”

    Everybody back to one, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd action!

  • DrDick

    Funny how conservatives worship the free markets until they reach around and bite them on the ass like this.

  • The Rush Limbaugh Show: Brought to you by Pajama Media and The Westboro Baptist Church . . .

    • Warren Terra

      And Gold!

      And probably guns.

  • howard

    advertisers matter a whole lot in radio, so this massive abandonment is really interesting; limbaugh may need an “underwritten by the koch brothers” announcement pretty soon if the real capitalists don’t want to be associated.

    i mean, who today wants to step up and be a new rush advertiser right now?

    • BigHank53

      Rick Perry and his impeccable timing.

    • Katya

      Ashley Madison, apparently. They offered to buy his unsold commercial time.

  • c u n d gulag

    I actually listened to ‘Rushba the Nut’ for the first time in eons.

    My favorite part was that he kept talking about how the only meat to eat was USDA “Prime.” Especially beef!

    And how, government was in the school lunch business, and, since the kid’s lunches were made with gristle and left-over cuts, and non-USDA “Prime” beef, private industry could do it better!

    Now, never mind that private industry would sell the sawdust that had meat scrapings in it to school districts as their “prime,” you had to love his instance on “USDA Prime” beef.

    Uhm, Rush, since you wouldn’t know “prime” from “silver” or traife, you’re talking about a GOVERNMENT AGENCY – the USDA – determining which cut is the best, which is second, and so on…

    What a fucking moron!

    • allium

      We should have known those letters were statists when they started sponsoring those twisted deviants on Sesame Street.

  • I guess I should not be surprised, given their history, but I was surprised at the degree to which the other right wing morons fell into line with Limbaugh, even intensifying the hate. I wonder if he wishes they had not done that?

    It would be interesting to see a diagram of the flow of the “Fluke is a Slut!” messages from Limbaugh through the various outlets.

  • Josh G.

    What I’d like to know is where the FCC is in all this. After all, Limbaugh’s show is on the public airwaves. When Howard Stern was still on terrestrial radio, he constantly got hit with “indecency” fines for sexually-charged jokes, but Limbaugh can issue sexually-charged insults in an attempt to intimidate a private citizen and this is considered OK? Why isn’t his station being fined for this?

    • muddy

      Indeed, only think of the children! The uncomfortable conversations that this will bring up! IOKIYAR

    • Richard

      Staying out of it, as they should. Gender insults are not within the bailiwick of the FCC, expecially in the context of a political discussion. Stern’s conduct, consisting of fairly explicit sexual talk and jokes, was arguably a violation of the FCC’s deceny rules. Nothing that Limbaugh said, as offensive as it was, violates the decency rules.

      The FCC should have left Stern alone and the fact they didn’t doesn’t mean they should start censoring other speech.

      • DrDick

        A lawsuit by Fluke, on the other hand is entirely in the realm of possibility.

        • Richard

          It is. If all Rush had said was that she’s a slut and a prostitute, he would have avoided liability easily (because he would have argued that people were not inclined to take anything he said literally – much like the Falwell v. Flynt case) but he appears to have made numerous other statements, all false, about Ms. Fluke’s sexual activities and I think he would have a hard time making the argument that these were not meant to be accepted as true.

  • Jim Lynch

    Come to think of it, Limbaugh sort of looks like Fatty Arbuckle, too.

  • So, forgive me if I’m late on the uptake on this, but today I have learned that there are grown ass conservative humanoids under the impression that you take one birth control pill for every time you fuck?! Is this something Limbaugh has been propagating, or is this person just too stupid to breathe (and yes, I know these aren’t mutually exclusive)?

    • thebewilderness

      I think this abysmal ignorance is a result of forty years of effort to conflate abortion and birth control. When myth and reality collide there are a shocking number of people who will adhere to the myth, evidence be damned.

    • UserGoogol

      The slightly more coherent argument I’ve heard conservatives say is that if the birth control pill was too expensive you could use condoms instead, which would be cheaper unless you were having lots of sex, because condoms are used that way.

      That’s still fairly flawed logic since birth control pills do things condoms don’t, (both contraceptively speaking and for other aspects of female health) but it’s not as flagrantly stupid.

      • UserGoogol

        And apparently Limbaugh did in fact reference this argument at some point, although Media Matters has a blog posting explaining in more detail why that’s still stupid.

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