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In the course of what amounts to an aesthetic argument on behalf of the Louisville Cardinals, Dennis Berman argues: This should be a moment of elation for Kentucky fans. Their team plays a ruthlessly beautiful brand of basketball. Their starting lineup is better than the New Jersey Nets. And yet there is something lurking underneath: […]

Keep At ‘Em, Joe

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On March 31, 2012
Nocera with yet more good stuff on the NCAA Cartel: It was amusing this week to watch Emmert trot out “the collegiate model” as he was confronted with the reality of the “one and done” freshman. “One and done” freshmen — or players who have no interest in college and are enrolling only until they […]
(It goes without saying that this is another one of those posts.) Poor self-defeating Pete, trying his best to become the very Draper whose misery’s invisible to him. Remember when Pete had hope, and director John Slattery hammered the possibility of it home via reverse shots? How Pete saw Peggy longing for him: Returned her implicit, medium […]
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