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Violating the First Rule of Social Conservatism


The one encouraging thing to take from the imminent passage of the mandatory sexual assault law in Virginia is that we finally have an arbitrary abortion regulation that is highly unpopular.

The First Rule of Social Conservatism, of course, is that social conservatism is much more popular when applied to other people than for yourself. (Perhaps we could call this “Newt’s Law.”) There’s a reason that proponents of “traditional marriage” focus on same-sex marriage rather than, say, no-fault divorce. Abortion regulations that apply burdens to women equally are always going to be unpopular unless there’s an obvious way around them.

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  • c u n d gulag

    But this is about “Religious Freedom” and the 1st Amendment, isn’t it?

    It’s surprising the number of Christian people who believe in the “virgin birth” of Jesus Christ, but who are willing to have the government vaginally penetrate women to verify that they’re pregnant, and prove it to them, before granting them an abortion.
    No, upon further reflection, actually, it isn’t…

    I bet Roman leaders in territories wish that rule was around during the reign of Augustus, so they could have checked out Mary’s claim.

  • Spud

    Of course this unwritten rule also explains why the war on contraception is only popular among Evangelical wackadoodles and people who have taken a vow of celibacy.

  • wengler

    Injunction pending adjudication + appeals means everyone wins. The rightwing politicians can carnival bark to their voters that they did everything they could until those ‘activist’ judges took their choice away from them, while women can remain unraped by the state for a little while.

    Remember there are very few people that actually like rightwing policy, since it helps only a very few people. Pretending that they can create a workable system actually sort of helps them.

  • I wonder how badly this will backfire against Virginians?

    I mean, clearly it was a slap at the minority populations near the coast, or in Richmond, but in point of fact, study after study shows that rates of abortions among white teens and young women are about as high as in minority groups (higher, even, than in recent Latina immigrants).

    So when Ellie Mae gets knocked up by Jethro Bodine, who you think is going to hear about the whole scoping thing?

    • Curmudgeon

      Ellie Mae and daddy Jim-Bob III will find some way to blame illegal Mexicans, Muslamists and the DemonRATS for it.

      Conservatives are not intellectually capable of making the connection between their own hardships and the actions of people they voted into office.

  • avoidswork

    Well, and since Virgina has put it on hold – again – does this mean it may not actually see the light of day in Macacca’s home state/

    I love the image of 1000+ women/people standing outside in protest of this proposed bill in VA.

    Now if it could only get a Daily Show segment…

    • DrDick

      It would appear that is is finally penetrating the tiny skulls of the GOP, legislators that this is immensely unpopular and might not be good for their long term employment.

  • John

    Abortion regulations that apply burdens to women equally are always going to be unpopular unless there’s an obvious way around them.

    Well, the wealthiest part of the state is right next to two jurisdictions (DC and Maryland) that do not have such onerous rules. People in Richmond and Hampton Roads will have fewer alternatives, though.

  • Njorl

    Someday they’ll figure out how to base abortion access on property ownership of oldest living male ancestor. Then all of the conservatives will be happy.

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