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“Rather than turning to my local politician for prenatal advice…”


I intended to link to this yesterday, but here is an outstanding piece of testimony to the benefits of the very kinds of prenatal testing that Bishop Santorum regards as indulgent and murderous. Mittens inevitability aside, I do hope our Man of the Froth eventually wins the GOP nomination, if for no other reason than to facilitate our long-delayed national debate over the merits of 20th century obstetric techniques.

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  • TT

    This might be the best example I have yet read of how acquiescence to and internalizing of the the term “pro-life” by the establishment press (and others) masks the fact that “life” almost always takes a back seat–hell, gets stuffed in the trunk–to fealty to fundamentalist dogma, shaming women, false and outrageous cries of eugenics, and the political demands of all three combined.

    Prenatal healthcare and testing would seem to be a no-brainer, at least in sane countries with sane political parties. It goes to show how little Dana Milbank actually knows or cares about his heroes.

    • DrDick

      To call these people “pro-life” is to go full Orwellian. They are anything but pro-life, overwhelmingly supporting capital punishment and needless wars of aggression. The are hate mongers, pure and simple.

  • cpinva

    clearly ms. gale is a slut. as a further insult to our lord and saviour, she and her pimp husband availed themselves, at her husband’s employer’s expense, of satanic medical procedures. in deying our father’s wish that her baby suffer a horrific death, in his honor and glory, ms. gale and her husband have condemned themselves, and their child, to the fires of eternal damnation!

    lady, this is the new, kick ass, republican christian god we’re talking here, and don’t you forget it!

    • Malaclypse

      It is hard to reconcile this new theology with God’s traditional role as History’s Greatest Abortionist.

      • DrDick

        Or the OT injunction that and adulterous woman be subjected to a chemical abortifacient.

      • A reading from the Gospel according to Ed: “They tampered in God’s domain.”

        • Bill Murray

          They peppered in God’s lo mein

  • McKingford

    I, for one, miss regular davenoon postings. More please.

    • +everything

    • davenoon

      Oh, you guys…

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