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Josh Fox, the maker of the documentary Gasland and whom one might call today’s Ida Tarbell, was arrested today at the order of House Republicans during a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment. Why? They tried to film it.

Open government at its finest! It’s far easier to destroy the nation’s environment if you can keep anyone from reporting on it.

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  • Curmudgeon

    Fun fact: Josh Fox is on the DHS terrorist watch list.

    Questioning the absolute right of the 1% to extract wealth at any cost is not what American freedom is about.

    • Murc

      I keep waiting for someone to establish some sort of ‘Watch List Pride’ group. It’s getting to the point where being put on one is a badge of honor; it means you’re pissing off all the right people.

      • Captain Splendid

        Hmm, a quick Google Search reveals just the standard Gadsden-related crap.

        I daresay right-wingers would have a fairly large mental block against creating or wearing a ‘Watch List Pride’ type of shirt, even as they would nominally voice support for the idea.

        Hmmm, maybe a little stealth trolling is in order.

        • Captain Splendid


      • Curmudgeon

        Why do you hate freedom?

  • Pith Helmet

    Josh Fox, the maker of the documentary Gasland and whom one might call today’s Ida Tarbell, were arrested today

    Is there a name missing here? subject/verb agreement, please.

    • If you’d like to volunteer your time to become our editor, I’m sure we wouldn’t mind.

      • Anoncoward

        You obviously need one.

  • Honorable Bob

    These hearings are open to the public.

    It appears from the article that there were rules already in place about camaras. Also, Fox didn’t apply for a pass which seems to be very easy to get.

    Bottom line is Fox didn’t really give a shit about the law or the rules and then refused to leave.

    Erik fails to mention any of this and HuffPo mentions this in the last paragraph of the article.

    There is no issue here. Fox got what anyone asshole doing that deserves and he either knew or should have known the rules in advance (dumbass).

  • Njorl

    Sub-committees routinely ignore the requirement for permission to record, and for credentials. It is used to prevent overcrowding. Enforcing the rule specifically for the purpose of censorship is a violation of the first amendment, regardless of what the rules say.

    • Honorable Bob

      Yeah, we dawn need no STEENKIN’ RULES!!

      • Njorl

        Bob, your capacity for humor is limted to being a punchline. It would be best not to embarrass yourself by attempting to be more.

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