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A Rising Republican Star


Looks like the Republican Party has another state politician sure to appeal to the wingunttia masses. This time it’s in North Carolina, where state Rep. Larry Pittman is calling for the return of public hangings:

“We need to make the death penalty a real deterrent again by actually carrying it out. Every appeal that can be made should have to be made at one time, not in a serial manner,” Pittman wrote in the email. “If murderers (and I would include abortionists, rapists, and kidnappers, as well) are actually executed, it will at least have the deterrent effect upon them. For my money, we should go back to public hangings, which would be more of a deterrent to others, as well.”

Abortionists, rapists, and kidnappers.

Sounds like a rising Republican star to me!

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  • Mudge

    True. Killing people deters them from further crime. Not re-electing Pittman, however, is all that is required to deter him from further bad legislation.

    • ema

      This is a government official calling for the assassination of citizens engaged in legal activities. At a minimum, a psych eval should be required.

      • BigHank53

        Are you claiming that fools and the mentally ill are not entitled to representation in our legislatures?

        • c u n d gulag

          No, but there’s no reason for them to be as over-represented as they are.

        • Jay C

          It isn’t so much their “representation” in State Legislatures that’s the problem: it’s their apparent high level of membership….

        • cpinva

          not at all:

          Are you claiming that fools and the mentally ill are not entitled to representation in our legislatures?

          however, it isn’t required that they be represented by other fools and the mentally ill. certainly, there are enough republicans just on the edge, capable of providing that needed representation.

    • Kenneth Sloan

      Why not just have public crucifixions? It was good enough for Jesus.

      Pardon the f-bomb, but these people are fucking nuts!

  • kth

    By the same reasoning that would prescribe that abortionists should be executed for murder, so should the women upon whom the abortions were performed, except if/when it was done without their consent.

    • Agreed. If you kill the assassin, you have to kill the person who hired the assassin.

      • ema

        When assassinating us by shooting us in the head in church, in our kitchens, at the office just isn’t deterrent-y enough, public hanging to the rescue!

      • Incontinentia Buttocks

        You’re mistake is assuming that women have moral agency. Since a big part of the anti-choice game is denying them such agency, killing the doctor, not the woman, makes perfect sense. The woman can only be a victim.

    • Warren Terra

      And also the women seeking abortions, as they’re guilty of premeditated attempted murder in the first degree. Better hang em quick!

  • Jim Lynch

    Raleigh can designate one of its lovely hills its very own Calvary, set up picnic tables, and sell tickets to the show.

  • blowback

    Forget about hanging, why doesn’t he want to intoduce public beheadings.

    • DrDick

      Drawing and quartering. Much better spectacle and you can have betting on how long it takes the horses to quarter them.

    • That’s French!

      • Warren Terra

        Wasn’t it also the English penalty for treason (except nobles, who were entitled to beheading)?

        • c u n d gulag

          Also too – Chinese.

          Read that in a book, not one of them fancy digital readers, so I know it’s true.

        • Jeffrey Kramer

          The quartering part didn’t actually involve horses, though; they were chopped in four after they finally died.

      • KadeKo

        Depending on how far back you go and who you believe, Hippolytus had this done to him in Rome, in the 4th century CE.

        But that may be a legend created by a 14th-century Parisian.

  • R Johnston

    If I suggested that Pittman should be kidnapped, raped repeatedly until he becomes pregnant, forbidden from getting an abortion, and then murdered after giving birth, would that be in bad taste?

    • Yes.

      Understandable, though.

    • Snarki, child of Loki

      Raped until “he” becomes pregnant?

      That’s one hell of a lot of raping.

      Might be easier to just stuff a cantaloupe up his butt. And have the secondary effect of preventing him from speaking out of his butt quite so much.

      • R Johnston

        Make it a watermelon rather than a cantaloupe and I think that would be about right.

        • patrick II

          Irony lives.

  • MAJeff

    It’s a good thing Pittman’s never read Foucault. He might treat the execution of Damiens as an instruction manual.

  • Jeffrey Kramer

    My wife was very interested when I told her about this, because she’s teaching The Handmaid’s Tale — which begins with a mass public hanging of doctors who had performed abortions — and as usual the students were refusing to believe that anybody really could propose (let alone enact) this sort of thing.

    • commie atheist

      As we approach the Wingularity, many things which were once considered unimaginable will become commonplace.

      • Jeffrey Kramer

        Maybe we’ve already passed the event horizon with use of torture in interrogations.

        • Holden Pattern

          We don’t torture. Other people doing the same things, THEY torture. Also, that’s in the past, and we need to look forward, not back.

    • burnt

      I read The Handmaid’s Tale for a college class long enough ago that my copy for class was a remaindered first edition. I remember thinking back then that while the novel was well written the world I lived in was nothing like the dystopian future of the book–silly, stupid boy. About five years ago I realized Margaret Atwood was just better attuned to the world than I. She’s not a novelist. She’s a prophet.

      • I had a similar experience when it was assigned as summer reading by my Catholic high school. (Yep, really. American nuns aren’t exactly sympatico with the US Conference of Bishops).

        I thought, “Great book, but the government gets overthrown by a sect of radical sexists? Come on!”

      • Jeffrey Kramer

        Atwood herself said that for a while she found herself thinking her own dystopia was too far-fetched, but…

        “Now I’m wondering again. Of recent years, American society has moved much closer to the conditions necessary for a takeover of its own power structures by an anti-democratic and repressive government. Approximately five years after The Handmaid’s Tale was published, the Soviet Union disintegrated, the West slapped itself on the back and went shopping, and pundits proclaimed the end of history…. But now we see a United States weakened by two draining wars and a financial meltdown, and America appears to be losing faith in the basic premises of liberal democracy. After 9/11, the Patriot Act passed with barely a cough, and in Britain citizens have accepted a degree of state supervision that would once have been unthinkable.

        “It’s a truism that enemy states tend to mirror one another in organization and methods…. What form will the United States assume now that it’s opposed by unrelenting religious fanaticisms?”

        • Jeffrey Kramer

          (That was from “Dire Cartographies: The Roads to Ustopia,” in her essay collection In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination. “Ustopia” is her coinage, a portmanteau of Utopia and Dystopia.)

  • It shows how low my expectations are that I was pleasantly surprised that in the list of those in need of hanging he didn’t include negroes.

    • MAJeff


    • Ask him who he thinks the rapists and murderers are.

      • Marek


      • Holden Pattern


    • commie atheist

      I’m sure Obama is on the list somewhere.

  • David Kaib

    Silly Pittman. The correct answer is to have the death penalty for murder and felony murder (i.e. not murder) in private.

    We need to end the death penalty in blue states and make the major execution States outliers. We need major Dem politicians to publicly oppose it. I understand outrage over particular barbarisms, but it would be more productive to demand that our side get right on this issue.

    • Incontinentia Buttocks

      If we start demanding that “our side” be right on the issues, we’ll get very frustrated, very fast! Much better to ignore Democratic support for capital punishment and focus on the (typically more fanatical) Republican support for it. We may keep electing pro-capital punishment Democrats, but at least we can hope to keep loons like Pittman out of office!

      (Obligatory Warning for Paul-Supporting Progressives: Ron Paul is opposed to the federal death penalty, but favors capital punishment at the state level. So there!)

      • Spud

        (Obligatory Warning for Paul-Supporting Progressives: Ron Paul is opposed to the federal death penalty, but favors capital punishment at the state level. So there!)

        Because it makes it easier to kill lots of black people at that level!

        • LKS

          And abortionists.

  • Slip Kid

    I’m with blowback. Forget hangings, bring back Madame Guillotine!

    • c u n d gulag


      For those in the less than 15% tax bracket.

      What, too French?

      • firefall

        I’ve got my tisket and tasket lined up already.

        • Bill Murray

          I’ve got the green and yellow basket

    • Incontinentia Buttocks

      The guillotine was a very democratizing technology! It allowed even the simplest Frenchman to receive beheading, a form of punishment previously reserved for the nobility.

      • It was also an example of Enlightenment use of scientific reason applied to social problems. No more botched executions that required several chops at the neck. No more long drawn out torture. You could say it intersected the body instantaneously so as only to affect the right to life. So the target of power is no longer the body capable of pain but the legal subject as possessor of rights. In other words, a whole political system is crystallized in the guillotine.

        Sorry, I’m teaching Foucault this semester and all this is fresh in my mind. Carry on.

      • Lurker

        In theory, this is correct. However, a guillotine is a piece of rather fine machinery and the failure rate is surprisingly high. To work smoothly, the blade needs to be very sharp and it needs to move without much friction on the rails. In addition, the executioner’s assistant needs to keep the convict’s head firmly in place, which is a very messy job. I suspect that there are psychological issues that often mean that the guillotines are not routinely maintained as well as they should.

        If the team is experienced in the work, guillotine execution is fast and clean. However, it can be botched very badly.

        In practice, the British method of hanging, with the length of rope determined by convict’s weight, gives equally good results: an immediate loss of consciousness due to the dislocation of neck. And yes, it can be botched too.

        The Soviet bullet-in-the-neck is probably the most sure way of execution, as pistols are very reliable, although it makes a worse public spectacle.

    • Randy

      I thought the guillotine was the “humane” alternative to hanging (because it was so quick). Are we going to go soft on crime?

  • partisan

    Speaking of bad Republican ideas, and speaking about attacks on unions that aren’t getting enough press, what should we think about this? http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/freeing-workers-union-bosses_618796.html On the one hand, I think most people agree that Fred Barnes is a hack, which means that he only gets to be on TV all the time and get op-eds in the leading liberal newspapers.

  • c u n d gulag

    Yes, public hangings were a great deterrent, back in the day.

    They were such a great deterrent, that we only had to hang one or two people in the whole first 150 years of this country!

    People got the message loud and clear!!!

    If we could publicly hang dipshit Conservative politicians like this assclown, I’d find the money to watch that, no matter how much TicketMaster wanted.


  • rea

    Back in the 1830’s, a badly conducted public hanging on the Ontario side, attended by many spectators from Michigan, led the newly organized territory to ban capital punishment. Michigan hasn’t had the death penalty since. Too bad we’re more barbaric than our predecessors.

    • Linnaeus

      Not to mention that around the same time, Ontario hanged a man from Michigan for murder and another man confessed to the crime several years later.

  • Honorable Bob

    What a horrible and terrible HellHole the United States is. It’s amazing that all of those ‘enlightened’ haven’t left already!

    No wonder no one wants to immigrate to the US.

    Oh, wait…

    • Good point, HB. Public hangings for illegal immigrants! Then we can hang their rotting corpses from the border fences as a warning to others.

    • c u n d gulag

      Could it be because they live in an even bigger “HellHole?”

      We ain’t Somalia, there, Dishonorable Boob.
      At least not yet.

      As long as we can keep “morans” like you at bay, this country may still have some sort of a fighting chance.

      And what are you doing commenting here?

      This is a post about hanging, and I don’t think anyone ever said that you were well hung.

      And public hanging doesn’t mean pulling down your pants in front of the playground at the local grade school.

  • cpinva

    actually, i’m a firm proponent of public executions, by whatever means is currently all the rage. if you’re going to make me a murderer-by-agency, and argue that so doing provides a deterrent to the masses, than it logically follows that the event should be public.

    i have long suggested that executions be made public again, if the public truly supports capital punishment. heck, this could be just the thing to balance many a state budget, without raising taxes or reducing critical spending. make a day out of it: an undercard of floggings, for minor offenses, leading up to the main event. sell broadcast rights to pay-per-view, and have a lottery to determine who wins public-executioner-for-the-day rights. make it a day for the whole family!

    • c u n d gulag

      You know, sick as that is – I agree with you!

      I’m against the death penalty.
      Always have been.
      And the best way to eradicate it is to have people actually watch it.

      Yeah, 27% will go home and beat off.

      But most of the other 73% will be disgusted if “Ol’ Sparky” makes a flambe out of some poor SOB. Or, the drug cocktail causes the poor bastard to contort and start screaming shit as loud as he/she can.

      And the fact that most of them ain’t white, might begin to register with the morons out there.

      • lawguy

        I used to think that, but no more. I firmly believe that it would be the most popular outing of the year for most families.

      • Jonathan Q

        Does anyone have any info on the popularity of public executions in Saudi Arabia? Use that as a guide.

    • Randy

      I’ve thought the same thing, except that the execution should be televised for cimpulsory viewing in every schoolroom in the country.

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