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Unionbusters React


Union-hating companies and the unionbusters they hire to consult with them are aghast at the new NLRB rules allowing for quick union elections, which undermine corporate ability to spent a year undermining and fixing the election. Josh Eidelson managed to get on a conference call of a unionbusting firm talking about how to get around these new rules. In short, employers are not happy that workers have closer to a fair shake.

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  • c u n d gulag

    I remember when, it was about 4 years ago, the large telecommunications company that I worked for as a Training Manager, brought in some corporate lawyer clown to talk to those of us in management about how to prevent unions, and how to talk to employees thinking about unionization. That was this assholes specialty.

    I sat there the whole time cringing at the absolute anti-union bullshit this young clown was spewing, and how proud he was that the company had made life miserable for the few sites that had already gone union.

    As he was wrapping up the meeting and asked if there were any last questions, I asked him if anyone in his family had ever worked for a union?
    He said they had.
    I asked who?
    And he answered that both his father and grandfather had worked for unions.
    “And did they help pay of your college and legal education?” I asked.
    The guy just stood there giving me a dirty look, and finally answered “Yes.”
    “That’s what I thought,” I said.
    Most of my fellow managers just sat there, staring at me.

    I had made my point.
    But probably at my own expense, since after that, the company worked hard at making my last few years, before finally releasing me, more and more miserable.

    I hate hypocrites.
    But I should have used my head and picked a better economic time to make my point.
    Oh well – water under a collapsed bridge…

  • Workers ought to shut up* and pick cotton.

    * except to sing spirituals that will help establish a picking tempo

    • Malaclypse

      I now have Leadbelly running through my head. O Lordy, that man could sing.

      • Bill Murray

        The question remains, where did you sleep last night?

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