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The Police State and the Private, An Ongoing Series

[ 7 ] October 24, 2011 |

The fact that our security theater is being manned by perverts certainly makes me feel safer!

  • rea

    It would be rather comforting to have an officail government document authorizing me to get my freak on.

  • Malaclypse

    Good thing she was not flying into, or out of, Texas. (link has audio that will not be work-friendly)

  • timb

    I know this probably seems reductive to Jill and also patriarchal, but she is smart, funny, beautiful, and has a fine sense of self-awareness…if I weren’t middle-aged, fat, and married I would so knock over tables and chairs and people just to buy her a drink or split a dinner.

    She is a Renaissance woman

  • Holden Pattern

    The cossacks don’t work for the Czar. Remember that.

  • wiley

    I think I read it in Harper’s. Sure wish I could find it right now. A woman who is pretty far up in the chain of command was taken to an office and questioned by TSA. She had blueprints of planes and other evidence of having a lot of inside information about the airlines. She had a hard time convincing them that they could let her go and not get into trouble themselves. In a stroke of brilliance, she wrote a note to have herself released and gave it to them. Then, they let her go so that she could carry on with her business.

  • The fact that our security theater is being manned by perverts certainly makes me feel safer!

    Well, maybe “inappropriate joke makers” as it’s not a perversion to have orgasms or wish them on others – may you have one right now!

    I’d be pissed to find the note, and whoever wrote it should be in trouble, but that the government doesn’t give a shit about your toys and that Jill can post about it seems like some kind of progress…but kinda gross progress:

    “Yes, the vibe was still there. No theft, but I’m unsure if they handled it. Given that uncertainty, it’s definitely being retired.”

    Really, nobody wants to lose their stuff that way.

    • wiley

      One commenter said

      Not all sex toys can be “cleaned” to an appropriate level for proper safety. i.e. if you can’t boil it, toss it.

      I disagree. A wash with hibiclens, air dry, and a thorough wiping with alcohol will kill anything. But it’s the thought—ya know? When the sanctity of your sex toy has been violated it ruins everything between you and your toy.

      This girl sez, “Leave the vibrator at home when flying, or take something that doubles as a legitimate tool for something else—like—Oops. Figure it for yourselves, girls. It’s not hard. But it is hard. Oh never mind.