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The Speech: “Justice Has Been Done.”


…allegedly starting in 2 minutes. Can be watched here.

To be fair and balanced, not every political figure in the United States thinks this is a big deal.

…Targeted op by Americans.

…”OBL was not a Muslim leader. He was a mass murder of Muslims.”

…the speech on its own terms was extremely effective. What this actually means going forward we’ll see — and obviously wasn’t going to be determined hours after Bin Laden’s death — but it was a powerful moment.

Irin Cameron had a good question: didn’t the statement that they tried to avoid civilian casualties imply that there were civilian casualties? Initial reports seem to suggest that there were three.

…full video of speech here. Transcript here.

…the obituary.

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  • It isn’t a big deal. Unless “we” decide to do to Pakistan what was done to Iraq for no reason whatsoever.

  • wengler

    The place where OBL was killed was pretty close to Kashmir.

    Just found that interesting.

    • Anderson

      Yeah, that creeps me out a little. I don’t think OBL was there for jollies, tho who knows.

      • Murc

        Not sure I’d worry too much about that. Dude had to be SOMEWHERE, and its not like he radiated terror beams from his body and his mere physical presence caused bad things to happen. One imagines he spent the past ten years scuttling from one safe house to another and not doing a whole lot of terrorizing really; Al-Qaeda sort of runs itself.

        • Dennis

          Yeah, think of all the #3 men it has.

  • wengler

    I guess the only good thing to come from the Republicans making every issue in American life partisan is the fact that Obama just won the 2012 election because of this.

    • I don’t think this statement can hold up to any analysis. It’s a long, long time until the 2012 election and gas prices (or other unknown events in the future) will likely be more relevant. I wish it were true, but I can’t see it.

      • wengler

        Every time the Republicans will reference national security -barring some sort of huge terrorist attack between now and then- Obama can just say “bin Laden”.

        Really the Republicans have nothing. They stoke fear and anger to get people to support their reactionary agenda. Obama just killed Enemy #1. They will all try to outshine each other right now as to who is happier and the Democrats will gladly shame those who don’t appear to be happy enough.

        Remember their biggest argument is the real and fake equivalencies between Obama and Bush. Now it’s Bush-Osama alive, Obama-Osama dead. It’s a really simple issue that will appeal to simple people.

        • Anderson

          The danger, Wengler, is a revenge attack timed to hurt Obama (assuming he’s not the target!) in the 2012 election.

          If I’m heading up the al-Qaeda revenge strike, it’s timed for a week before the election, and somewhere on American soil — an elementary school in Kansas, whatever.

          • strannix

            You say this as if there’s any indication that AQ has the 1) resources, 2) capability or 3) inclination to do any such thing.

            Obviously no one wants to be complacent about this but I don’t think we want to get all Bush administration about this and overhype the dangers here, either.

          • Warren Terra

            Clearly, you believe that Al Qaeda needs additional reasons to attempt operations calculated to alter our domestic politics. I suspect you may not have been paying full attention. Indeed, the whole point of terrorism is that it induces psychological and behavioral changes in the target population far out of proportion to the material damage inflicted, rather than trying for example to wipe out their army.

            • Anderson

              Oh, sorry that I thought the death of their notorious leader might lead the rest to try a little harder to pull off a “we’re still relevant” attack. Hope you’re correct.

        • The economy will almost certainly be more important in the fall of 2012.

    • Scott Lemieux

      See my note above. Alas, this isn’t true.

      • I’ll be interested to see if this helps with the birther/he’s-a-muslim/muslim-sympathizer junk. The (coincidental, I’m sure) timing of releasing his extra-special birth certificate and killing bin Laden MIGHT help around the margins (or push it more to the margins).

        At the very least, it might help quel some of the more egregious anti-muslimisms in the Republican party. (The “we are not at war with Islam” stuff and tying it to Bush’s similar comments could be helpful.)

        I agree that any more substantial benefit (politically, operationally, or policywise) seems pretty unlikely.

        • I’ve read that several families of those killed on 9/11 have gotten some closure, which is good. I’ve read that several have not, which is not unexpected.

  • Sorry, but this is simply wonderful news.

    • Robert Farley


    • hv

      Step 1: kill OBL.

      Step n: kill all the terrorists we created in step (n-1)

  • wengler

    That college kid-aged crowd in front of the White House was 8-12 years old when the 2001 attacks happened.

    Let that sink in a little bit.

  • CaseyL

    This is cause for celebration. Period.

    It took too goddamn long, but that isn’t Obama’s fault. We know whose fault it is that bin Laden was still alive so many years after the 9/11 attacks.

    Obama succeeded where Bush failed. I love that bin Laden is dead, and I love the bitter bitter gall this news is to firebaggers, teabaggers, and the GOP.

  • Bitter Clinger

    TOTUS needs to give a big “Thank You” to George W. Bush. To Obama’s credit, he followed the Bush Doctrine, and it worked.

    • wengler

      Yep, I remember the invasion of Pakistan like it was yesterday.

    • Murc

      I know I’ll regret this, but I gotta ask.


      • Bitter Clinger

        Teleprompter of the United States.

        • Murc


          Wow, that’s even lamer than I thought it would be. I was expecting it would be some sort of racial slur or something. But that’s just kind of sad.

          • Bitter Clinger
            • Murc

              Not sure I take your meaning. Did you post the wrong link? Obama wasn’t in that at all.

              • Bitter Clinger

                Obama didn’t kille bin Laden. General Petraeus did, and Petraeus was appointed by Bush.

              • …therefore, TELEPROMPTER! QED!

              • Murc

                General Petraeus killed bin Laden? That’s actually kind of impressive, I didn’t know he was qualified to go into the field with special forces teams. The man is almost sixty, staying in that kind of shape must be very difficult.

                For that matter, I also didn’t know that Petraeus could green-light covert ops missions inside Afghanistan on his own recognizance. President Obama must trust him a lot to give him that kind of freedom.

              • Murc

                Inside Pakistan, rather. Please, forgive my error. Sometimes I can get a little fuzzy on the facts, you know.

              • asdfsdf

                Actually, I think Petraeus is supposed to be in really good shape and he is Ranger qualified, but, no, I don’t think he was on the chopper. That would be a little irresponsible of him.

        • OMG, Obama uses a teleprompter, like every single other elected official! WTFROFLMAO!

        • Warren Terra

          Mostly leaving aside the blithering idiocy of the whole “OMG he uses teleprompters” crowd – we’re talking about a guy who, whatever he has done since, wrote at least one hugely impressive book and an incredible 2004 convention speech by himself, and it’s especially risible coming from a group of people that idolized George W Bush for six years – you really need to change your expanded version of the acronym to “Teleprompted“. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make any sense.

          No thanks are necessary, the warm glow of knowing what your gratitude must be like is sufficient.

          • jackd

            They’re just following the Rove strategy – attack your opponent’s strengths and project your own flaws and weaknesses on them. Thus we have the long-popular conservative meme that Obama is only capable of sounding eloquent when reading a prepared speech.

            For what tiny amount it’s worth, I would not be terribly surprised to find that, say, press conference clips from Bush II and Obama comparing the two in terms of number of ums and ahs, broken and/or restarted sentences, sentence length, and other objective measures of speaking ability showed that the difference is not huge. But I’d bet good money (and by good money, I mean my money) that Obama comes out ahead.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Yes, if Bush stood for anything, it was the proposition that terrorist leaders should be captured by police actions rather than invading countries that had nothing to do with 9/11.

      • strannix

        “police actions”?

        • Murc


        • Anonymous

          What, your local PD doesn’t have an overenthusiastic SWAT team?

          • strannix

            I’m in Chicago and I’m sure they do! But to my knowledge they don’t have jurisdiction in Pakistan.

    • Halloween Jack

      Sit and spin, shitbird.

    • Ya know, I think this is the first time a right winger has acknowledged that Bush was ever president or responsible for anything since the guy left office. So there’s that.

      • I dunno, there was the whole, “Miss me yet?” billboard thing. Was that real, or just something I imagined?

        • cer

          I’m fairly certain that the troll is Donald Rumsfeld who has been telling any and everyone that the Bush administration and, really, he did this just as surely as if he had hand guided the bullet that struck Bin Laden in the head. Just wait for him to claim he wrote his comments while standing for 11 hours a day.

  • Joe

    Sense of closure but honestly, haven’t thought about Osama Bin Laden for some time. Good job.

    As to trying him, yeah, in a perfect world, but realistically, that wasn’t going to happen.

    Politically? I can see it helping, maybe a lot (especially if the opponent is some bland guy like Pawlenty) but that isn’t really what came to mind.

    • Joe

      And, ideally, it helps as a bridge to the next stage, including winding down armed conflict in Afghanistan/Pakistan. It can serve, cynically or not, as a type of cover too. Well, we will see what happens. about 10 years has already passed.

  • Anderson

    Fox site is *still* reporting that we killed Osama w/ a bomb a week ago.

    Obviously the President lied just now.

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  • Brad P.

    Pack up Bagram, right?

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