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On October 8, 2013
Who needs some reading material? Horny Ghost of Osama Bin Laden: Rise of the Ghost has been published. When an American diver goes in the search of the body of Osama bin Laden, he’s surprised to find not only the body,but also Bin Laden’s terrifying and horny ghost. Raped by the ghost and forced to […]

The Raid

On May 19, 2011

Latest account of the raid on Bin Laden is a good read.   Two thoughts: While it’s best to view any account of a raid like this with skepticism, I grow weary of “they changed their story

Leaving aside all legal considerations, a mission that reflected a rational anti-terrorism policy — at least in a country not in the grip of continual hysteria — would have aimed to capture him alive. Instead, the White House opted for justice the catharsis of sudden violent revenge and the advantages of cheap political theater. That […]
…allegedly starting in 2 minutes. Can be watched here. To be fair and balanced, not every political figure in the United States thinks this is a big deal. …Targeted op by Americans. …”OBL was not a Muslim leader. He was a mass murder of Muslims.” …the speech on its own terms was extremely effective. What […]
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