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What do those tanks really want?


I found this image floating around Facebook earlier:

But after reading this article — linked to by the late and lamented Bitch Ph.D. — I couldn’t help but think that it needed a little editing:

Granted, my version lacks the thin white frame around the central image, but then again, I’m really not interested in framing the issue to appeal to whites, so its absence seems appropriate.

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  • Some Guy

    They’re going to have a tough time driving those tanks to Washington.

  • Maybe we should stop training them to do that, especially if they’re going to act that way.

  • StevenAttewell

    Looks like we need to assign Washington’s address to the Society of Cincinnatus to our military.

  • You know, the officers at Newburgh tried this kind of thing. It is not generally regarded as a high point in American freedom.

  • Pseudonym

    I don’t see how shooting Keith Ellison would get a budget passed any quicker.

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