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Prospects for Restoration Make a Very Mild Uptick


For what it’s worth, the heir to the Libyan throne seems to be on the right side of history:

Muhammad bin Sayyid Hassan as- Senussi, who would be Libya’s crown prince if the country still had a monarchy, said the people who were “killed by the brutal forces” of President Muammar Qaddafi are “heroes” and that their struggle will soon be victorious.

Qadaffi’s “fight to stay in power will not last long, because of the desire for freedom by the Libyan people,” Senussi, whose great-uncle King Idris was overthrown by Qaddafi in 1969, said in an e-mailed statement from London today. He called upon the international community “to halt all support for the dictator with immediate effect.”

Qaddafi’s crackdown on a week-long uprising, inspired by protests that overthrew the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt, has left more than 200 dead as regime supporters fired on demonstrators in Tripoli, according to Human Rights Watch. Libya’s royal family, which was for a period held under house arrest by Qaddafi, emigrated to the U.K. in 1988, according to the statement.

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  • jon

    All hail Restored Deposed Monarch Blogging!

  • merl

    jon beat me to it. I don’t think this guy was covered.

    • jon

      Not to mention the crying need for a rundown on the disposition of Libyan naval forces.

  • Kal

    Yes, what Libya really needs is the replacement of is military dictator by a hereditary dictator. It would be even better if such hereditary dictator was from a family which, when it used to rule the country, was unpopular enough that the military dictator’s seizure of power did not at first require any violence.

  • HMS Glowworm did 9/11

    seems to be on the right side of history

    Except for, you know, being a claimant to a throne.

    • TheFool

      Only he’s been agitating for Democracy in Libya and would thus be at most a Constitutional Monarch (which, admittedly, might be dictatorial in effect). Also there are plenty of European pretenders to the thrones of various thriving republics who don’t seem to keep the pretense for any reason save pride and snobbery.

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