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But You Lack the Real Data!


Matt suggests that Walker is almost certainly overreaching in his politically selective attacks on the collective bargaining rights of public employees. As the protests continue, the polling data backs this up. However, these observers with their “scientific public opinion surveys” are missing the bigger picture that can be found by “projecting one’s own reactionary authoritarianism onto the public at large.” As the punchline to the nutty post Thers discusses — which ruins a perfectly good “Peter Yarrow: History’s Second-Greatest Monster” argument by getting very upset about double entendres about pot in 60s folk songs, which explains a lot — Althouse tells us the real story:

Why weren’t there better celebrities? Perhaps there are inside polls on how this protest is playing out around the country and people don’t want their names dragged into it.

See, if you just had the super-top-secret detailed public opinion data being compiled as we speak in a Williamsburg office by Dave Longstreth and Tunde Adebimpe, you’d know that the American public totally shares the idea that the antiseptic tour experience should trump free speech and democracy, and this data certainly must govern the choices of virtually every band in America. I mean, can you think of another explanation why hipper and more prominent musicians can’t come to play an outdoor show in Madison in the middle of winter with no notice? Me neither!

The conservative war on parody is really intensifying: your typical Onion parody might actually be more plausible than a conservative blogger’s speculations in dead earnest.

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  • Malaclypse

    I mean, can you think of another explanation why hipper and more prominent musicians can’t come to play an outdoor show in Madison in the middle of winter with no notice?

    Smithers, have the Rolling Stones killed.

    • Scott Lemieux

      But sir, those aren’t…

  • jadegold

    And the protesters are eating pizza.


    Why aren’t celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay or Jacques Pepin preparing Cocotte Veal Shanks or Poulet au Porto or Navarin Printanier? They must have seen poll data.

    • mark f

      Not just poll data, inside poll data. You just know Jay-Z, Bieber and Bruce Springsteen were sitting in some dank lair trying to decide which of them would support this nefarious undermining of the flag and apple pie, but then even-the-liberal-Pat Caddell brought the poll results in and they decided the best they good do was send Peter Yarrow and some Woody Guthrie tabs.

      • Hogan

        Peter Yarrow really needs to stop using Rasmussen.

  • Unfortunately I have to work and all, but if Dave Longstreth were playing one of the Madison protests, I’d have to think about calling in sick and driving up there. Their last couple Chicago shows have been fantastic.

  • The Right Brothers are playing the counter protest.

    • Scott Lemieux

      I’m surprised that Althouse hasn’t noted that the Tea Party is being supported by the supernal musical genius of Ray Stevens yet.

  • DrDick

    Althouse has declared war on parody and is engaged in a campaign of total destruction (both of her credibility and our ability to ridicule and parody her).

    • hv

      It’s a scorched mirth strategy?

      • LosGatosCA

        That would make the most sense.

        But, alas, the joke will be on us if one of them wins in 2012.

  • Pooh

    Perhaps she has in the inside data from Robert Parker showing that Franzia is in fact superior to Chateaunueof du Pape!

  • Morbo

    Well, there’s also Tom Morello. However, he is not very civil.

  • Joseph Slater

    Long-timer almost-exclusively-lurker here, but I want to say that these posts on Wisconsin and related public sector labor issues have been just great.

  • Jay B.

    This must have been a motherfucking KILLER triple bill:


    I know, I know, an old guy from the MC5, a guy from Rage Against the Machine and some guy named Ike Reilly.

    The thing is, Ike is a goddamn genius, I beg you check him out. And Wayne Kramer too. I could give a shit about Morello, but he’s rich. Therefore = BIG TIME TALENT.

    So, they must have had some skewed data. Or they just didn’t care anyhow.

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  • ScottRS

    This is the same Althouse who posited that then-candidate Barack Obama was not popular in Madison, WI, as proven by her photograph of an empty Borders bookstore (taken at 5:00 pm on a Friday), where she would have expected teeming hordes at the table displaying his books.


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