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A Few More Links on Libya


Some Libya links:

  • USAF assets include F-16C, F-15E, and B-2.  No F-22s.  There was some excitement on the part of Air Force types regarding the use of the F-22 to enforce the no fly zone, but may not be in the cards.  Yet another conflict where the F-22 is too advanced for its own good…
  • Map of airstrikes and areas of fighting.
  • General list of Western assets around Libya.  Although many of the sorties have thus far been flown from Italy, carrier aviation will probably get a boost from this effort.  I suspect that the F-35B is probably looking better to a few navies right now, as the F-35B turns a flat deck amphib into a potential strike carrier.
  • The air supremacy part of the campaign either wasn’t explained to the Arab League, or they’d prefer to run for cover.  I’d have to guess column B.
  • All of this is good for the Navy and the Air Force. I’m actually more curious about how this will play out in the UK than in the US.
  • Daniel Serwer asks and answers his own question regarding where military action should stop.  The problem, of course, is that Gaddafi’s exit doesn’t prevent a “half-baked result that burdens us for years to come” any more than Saddam Hussein’s exit did.
  • French war aims accomplished by the fact of French apparent leadership?
  • CDRSalamander has the maritime assets, plus some additional strategic thoughts.
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  • Simple mind

    Of course, there is also the issue of the thousands of economic refugees landing on the Italian island of Lampedusa having set sail from Libya’s interminable coastline, whom Ghedaffi expoited as Castro did of his prison population and malcontents during Mariel flotillas.

    I wonder if there’s a deal with the rebels to reopen the Wheeler airfield? And speaking of the rebels, who are they? Just a tribe, the digerati, the street ??? Not one “rebel” name has been put forward, has it?

    One quip really amused me. “Ho, they dubbed this operation ‘Odyssey’? Let’s hope it won’t last that long…”

  • joe from Lowell

    Odyssey, meaning, the story about the leader who got lost and journeyed around the Mediterranean, getting into all sorts of violent scrapes and losing crewmen all along the way, until he finally found his way home years later.

    And, Dawn, meaning, the beginning.

    Well that’s just great. I think somebody was making a funny.

  • Hanspeter

    And Gen. McCaffrey (Ret.) just called the B-2 a “weapon of terror” on CNN… Not sure that was exactly the phrasing he was going for.

    • well, if you’re under one that has evil intent and you can somehow sense its presence….

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