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It’s About Time


“Sarah Palin Hires Political Advisor”.

You mean she didn’t already have one?  No way.

I’ve applied for a few jobs over the past five months, and . . . well . . . at least I didn’t get turned down for this one, although it’s secretly the one I wanted the most.

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  • A startling outflow of money to non-Palins.

  • c u n d gulag

    What did he get this job, draw Bambi off the matchbook and then put a rifle scope over the picture?

    If I’m her Political Advisor, here’s my first piece of advice:
    STFU! You annoy people.
    Then, I’d take this twit to a voice coach to see if he/she could make the stupid crap she ways at least sound better.

    I’d also take her to a plastic surgeon. She’s aging rather quickly, and Rich Lowry may soon start to look elsewhere for his starbursts.

    One way or the other, this should be good for some shits and giggles!
    Anyway you slice it though, lipstick on a pig, don’t you know… Ooops, my bad!

    Ah, she may run just to keep her grift going. And when she loses, it’ll add to the vicimization of poor Sarah,and she can collect more moolah from the rubes.
    But she can’t win, can she? Even if FOX and Radio Rushwanda and the other faces and voices of the RW Wurlitzer get behind her. I mean, can she?

  • efgoldman

    Well, there’s a quantitative difference between “hiring an advisor” and “taking advice.”

    That she might actually do the latter, assumes facts not in evidence.

    • I’d call that a qualitative difference, myself.

      For what it’s worth, it is unusual for her to hire someone who’s not already a sycophant: this could get interesting quickly.

  • Mr. Glassner needs to stock up on Tums and ear plugs.

    • efgoldman

      …and the adult beverage of his choice.

  • Chex

    Pretty good parody that speaks to this topic exactly..

    Sarah Palin’s CRAZY Rant!

  • jon

    What she needs, and won’t hire, is a muzzler. Then she needs to hire someone who can clean batshit out of language. Palin is overexposed and coming up on her sell-by date. I hope she can hang on to the election, because I love watching trainwrecks.

    • Joey Maloney

      What do you figure you could get on eBay, for a used ball gag with certified genuine Palin drool on it?

  • It would explain a lot, come to think of it.

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