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Comedy gold and/or Apocalypse Now


The GOP primary season is shaping up as a reality TV freak show of Springeresque proportions, what with Michele Bachmann about to toss her tinfoil hat in the ring, Donald Trump threatening to make America “respected” again, and Sarah Palin continuing to mull whether to add her crayon-scrawled resume to the hopper. Then there’s Professor Gingrich making noises about bringing his unique style of pro-colonial historical analysis to the struggle to overthrow the Kenyan usurper. Throw in Ron Paul, this week’s version of Mitt Romney, and a healthy dose of groveling before the Tea Party’s demands that the government balance the budget by getting rid of NPR, and the 2012 presidential race promises to be a veritable laugh riot.

Of course one of these guys/gals could well end up getting elected, in which case the joke will be on Planet Earth.

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  • The Wrath of Oliver Khan

    Michelle Bachmann hits the trifecta: crazy, stupid *and* ignorant.

    Most of the others only manage two of those.

  • gocart mozart

    Crazy can be easily faked so the others are not at too much of a disadvantage.

  • Uncle Kvetch

    And the reason is the base has been disappointed with Republicans over the last few years.

    And yet, for reasons only known to themselves, they only became aware of this disappointment once there was a Democrat in the White House. How odd.

    these people coming forward are the bearers for those principles

    Yes, please get that Trump/Bachmann bandwagon rolling for 2012. We can’t wait.

    • (the other) Davis

      Bachmann Trump Overdrive?

      • KC45s

        Bachmann Trump Comboverdrive.

        • Uncle Kvetch


        • Campaign song: “Takin’ Care of Business” — or “Lookin’ Out For Number One”? I feel very strongly both ways.

          • Scott Lemieux

            “Takin’ Care of Business”

            With precisely the opposite connotation as the D.O.A. cover

            • DocAmazing

              You would bring up D.O.A., you Canadian menace…

            • Hogan

              The only thing that would make that better is Margaret Atwood at goalie.

    • timb

      So, disappointed they continue to vote Repblican

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  • 90 million people voted in 2010; 135 million voted in 2008. when the 45 million who sat on the sidelines in 2010 show up in 2008…

    what, they’re going to use their time machine to vote?

    • Walt

      That’s timb’s point — they already used the time machine.

      • Malaclypse

        The ACORN time machine, comrade.

  • Walt

    At some point, you just gotta say “Fuck Planet Earth”. Earth is perfectly free to swallow these people up in a sinkhole, so if Earth can’t be bothered to do it, I don’t see why I should care what happens to it.

    • Hogan

      But Planet Earth is where all my stuff is!

      • mds

        Can I interest you in a storage locker at L5?

  • Don’t forget the Hermanator!

  • Brad P.

    Big Gay AL, Wrongful Death, other conservative republicans:

    What do you think of Gary Johnson and Mitch Daniels?

    • asdfsdf

      When I hear of the Hermanator I think of Hermann Maier. Probably a better choice, although he couldn’t become president.

  • I’m taking the camera to work in case CPAC turns into a riot while I’m downtown.

    • Brad P.

      Its gonna look like the final scene from Blazing Saddles.

      • “P*ss on you, I work for David Keene!”

      • BigHank53

        Pity. I was hoping for something more along the lines of Blade.

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