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Cherished Winger Myths


Edroso has a good list. Michele Bachmann’s recent assertion that the framers who agreed to a Constitution that explicitly and implicitly protected slavery and were long dead before slavery was abolished made sure that slavery was abolished ranks right up there — I’m betting it becomes more widespread.

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  • jon

    The framers were so wise, if not actually clairvoyant, that if the South had won the Civil War, the originalist interpretation of the Constitution would have supported the continuation of slavery! It’s just amazing how infallible they are on any subject.

  • Flowers

    I would add: “There were no abortions before Roe v. Wade.”

    I am amazed how many times I hear anti-choicers say that Roe v. Wade caused abortions. They honestly believe that there were NEVER abortions before Roe v. Wade… as in, the procedure didn’t even exist. The lack of logic is mind-boggling, let alone the lack of any sense of history.

    • Joe

      or the opinion, unlike many they like or find no reason to care about, is somehow particularly bad or “nonsense” and “everyone” knows this, and it is just “made up” out of full cloth even though it was 7-2 and even the dissenters agreed with parts of it, one thinking the basic right to privacy generally is “obvious,” if not in this context.

      It is just not a flawed opinion or something they disagree with politely; they just know it’s patent nonsense & if you disagree, you are basically an idiot.

  • HMS Glowworm did 9/11

    I was surprised by the absence of “America was founded as a Christian Nation”

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