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Rick Sanchez’s formula for achieving more balanced media coverage


Rick Sanchez

Throw the Jew Down the Well.

First, Sanchez started out expressing an anecdote from his own experience, when someone who was “top brass” at CNN told Sanchez to his face that he saw Sanchez as “more as John Quiñones,” referring to the Hispanic ABC News reporter. Sanchez’s example was an illustration that the problem of racism in the media business goes further than many expect, enveloping “not just the Right,” but also “elite, Northeast establishment liberals” that “deep down, when they look at a guy like me, they see a guy automatically who belongs in the second tier, and not the top tier.”

That’s when Sanchez really let his feelings loose: “I think to some extent Jon Stewart and [Stephen] Colbert are the same way. I think Jon Stewart’s a bigot.“

Pete noted that Stewart is his former boss, and pressed Sanchez to explain himself further. “How is he a bigot?” Pete asked.


I think he looks at the world through, his mom, who was a school teacher, and his dad, who was a physicist or something like that. Great, I’m so happy that he grew up in a suburban middle class New Jersey home with everything you could ever imagine.

Pete pressed, “What group is he bigoted towards?”

Sanchez replied: “Everybody else who’s not like him. Look at his show, I mean, what does he surround himself with?”

Pete asked for a specific example, saying the term “bigot” is pretty strong.

“That’s what happens when you watch yourself on his show every day, and all they ever do is call you stupid.”

Asked again what group Stewart is bigoted against, Sanchez replied, referring to Stewart in the second person:

Anybody who’s different than you are, anybody who’s not form your frame of reference; anybody who doesn’t look and sound exactly like the people that you sound [like] and grew up with. The people that you put on your show, who always reflect somebody who’s, “I’m bringing in to sit around me,” you know, who’s very different from me. I’m sorry, but I just don’t buy this thing that the only people out there who are prejudiced… are the Right. There’s people that are prejudiced on both sides.

Sanchez went on to claim that Stewart’s worldview is “very much a white, liberal establishment point of view.” Sanchez added:

He can’t relate to a guy like me. He can’t relate to a guy whose dad worked all his life. He can’t relate to somebody who grew up poor.

Inexplicably, Sanchez argued, “If we’re gonna call one side bigoted, we probably gotta look at the other side and say the same thing.” This, of course, does not stand to reason in the slightest, but Pete noted that he agreed racism and prejudice are not the exclusive domain of conservatives, which Pete has stated countless times on the air.

At the end of the first exchange of the day about Stewart’s alleged bigotry, Pete pushed Rick to back off a bit, and Sanchez eventually conceded:

All right, I’ll take the word bigot back; I’ll say prejudicial [sic] — uninformed.

Later in the interview, Sanchez pushed the discussion again, returning to the idea that Stewart is “prejudiced,” though again backing away from the word “bigot.”

If I did just sit there and read the teleprompter every day, Jon Stewart would never say a word about me. He’d say I’m a good Hispanic anchor, “Way to go, you’ve done a good job, stay right there.” … I am a complex human being, I’m not some moron to be…”

At least part of Sanchez’s gripe with Stewart, he said, is that Stewart picks on Sanchez for superficial on-air failings instead of substantial offenses like those committed by Fox News personalities, and the Daily Show does this in order to be seen as criticizing CNN as much as it criticizes Fox News Channel. (Regular watchers of The Daily Show know that Fox takes far more of Stewart’s media-savvy ribbing than CNN does, but Sanchez claimed Stewart sought parity in comedically critiquing the two leading cable news operations.)

Here’s what they do. This is the game they play. “I just picked on Fox News, because they just had a bold-faced [sic] lie about something — damnit, that means I gotta find something on CNN. Oh, I know… wait, hold on, let me find, oh that Rick Sanchez, that little Puerto Rican guy. I’ll make fun of him. Do you have anything.” “Uh, yeah, last week, he mispronounced the word indutably or whatever.” “Yeah, that’s it, find me that and we’ll do a whole 4-minute segment on how he mispronounced the word arithmetic.”

When Pete defended Jon Stewart as “just a comedian,” Sanchez shot back, “That’s a cop-out.” (I happen to agree with Sanchez on that one.)

When Pete suggested Jews (such as Stewart) have at least some sense of what it’s like to be an oppressed minority, Sanchez seemed to make the claim that Jews run CNN and the news business in general and that Stewart thus did not in fact know what it was like to feel the sting of prejudice.

“Yeah,” Sanchez snickered sarcastically at the idea that Jews are as much minorities as Latinos in the US.

Very powerless people… [snickers] He’s such a minority, I mean, you know [sarcastically]… Please, what are you kidding? … I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they — the people in this country who are Jewish — are an oppressed minority? Yeah. [sarcastically]

That’s right, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez basically suggested that Jews have run the media.

Pete asked, “They can’t relate to that? A Jewish person doesn’t have a constant fear in the back of their head that we could [inaudible] the Holocaust?”

“I think his father could,” Sanchez replied, referring to Stewart.

“I think every Jewish person feels that way,” Pete said.

“I hope so,” Sanchez responded.

Sanchez also suggested Jews in general, at least of his generation or younger, are not discriminated against, though they might hear the occasional Jew joke now and again.

I grew up not speaking English, dealing with real prejudice every day as a kid; watching my dad work in a factory, wash dishes, drive a truck, get spit on. I’ve been told that I can’t do certain things in life simply because I was a Hispanic. My friends who are black, I’ve seen that with them; I’ve seen that with a lot of minorities. I can’t really think — although I understand the plight of Jews, and all the experiences, and the things that have happened historically for them — but I can’t say that my buddy Glen or my buddy Izzy who I grew up with in South Florida ever were prejudiced against directly simply because they were Jewish. There may have been jokes around them or about other things, but it’s kinda — you know what I’m saying, it’s kind of a different thing.

“No, I don’t,” Pete replied.

“I can’t see somebody not getting a job somewhere because they’re Jewish,” Sanchez added.

“Well, then you’ve never been to Nebraska,” Pete shot back to lighten the mood.

Returning once again to his criticism of the Daily Show host, near the end of the exchange, Sanchez concluded about Stewart: “I don’t respect the guy.”

I happen to have a fairly similar background to Sanchez in a number of ways. Now it’s always dangerous to generalize about other peoples’ lives on the basis of one’s own experiences, but with that nuanced scholarly caveat in mind, I’m calling bullshit. Not just on the obviously hysterical Protocols of the Elders of Zion stuff here, but on Sanchez’s all but explicit claim that he’s a discriminated-against minority while Jon Stewart is not just a white guy, but an especially privileged white guy (because he’s a Jew and Jews run the media etc).

Look Rick, in America in 2010 you and me are basically white guys — just like Jon Stewart. Now I’m not doubting that somebody somewhere has said or done something nasty to you because of your last name (which is the only thing that would ever signal to anybody that you might have had trouble joining the New York Athletic Club in 1965), but you’re white. Comparing your life experiences to those of black people in the deep South is preposterous. It’s unfortunate that a CNN pooh bah once said something tactless to you, but if that’s your best example of what sort of things you’ve had to overcome as a “minority” in America, then I suggest you might ask yourself why your last name is still Sanchez while Jon Stuart Leibowitz’s is now Stewart.

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  • Shorter Rick S.: I’m just not that into Jew.

  • genjirama

    I don’t watch Stewart or Colbert regularly, but my gut tells me that Colbert probably does roughly the same thing with his media targets: many Fox, but with some other outlets thrown in for variety.

    Perhaps Sanchez switches off the TV after Stewart and never gets around to Colbert. That’s it – that must be the explanation.

  • Law Prof

    I grew up not speaking English, dealing with real prejudice every day as a kid; watching my dad work in a factory, wash dishes, drive a truck, get spit on.

    Sanchez (and others with similar thoughts) are simply confusing racism with the (legitimate) difficulties of being a first-generation immigrant. I grew up middle-class in a good school system, speaking standard English with an accent, and thus had an easier time finding good employment. These were not because I was Jewish (which I am), but because I am a third/fourth-generation American — it was my paternal grandfather who was the waiter for two decades, not my father.

    Regardless, while down south just a few weeks ago, my husband was called a “kike”. Some things don’t change that quickly.

    • Jager

      Yes,Southerners do tend to cling to their “traditions”, don’t they?

      • rea

        “Heritage, not hate”

        • MikeC

          Right. ‘Cause they say it with a smile on their face. Bless their damned souls.

  • Beeg

    The Daily Show meta-criticism of Fox is that they’re crazy, ignorant, hypocritical and hyperbolic.

    The meta-criticism of CNN is that they wish they were crazy, stupid, hypocritical and hyperbolic, but they’re just lame.

    Rick Sanchez, the guy CNN has decided should do the most on-air Tweet-reading, perfectly exemplifies the CNN brand, regardless of his pronunciation of “arithmetic.” His drawing wacko, baseless conclusions about the status of American Jewry – a perfect example of the laughingstock that is his network – is what makes this story so enjoyable.

  • Captain Splendid

    When Pete defended Jon Stewart as “just a comedian,” Sanchez shot back, “That’s a cop-out.” (I happen to agree with Sanchez on that one.)

    Nice to see the years-long push to cast a fricking comedy show as a legit liberal media news outlet is bearing fruit.

    • socraticsilence

      In fairness Stewart’s not a talking head but as an influencer of popular opinion- he’s ahead of quite a few of them- I’d certainly say he’s taken more seriously than a guy like Letterman or Leno who in terms of profession would be rough peers (though obviously ahead of Stewart in sheer numbers of viewers).

      • d.rock

        I agree and as proof I show you Tucker Carlson’s lack of a bow tie.

      • Captain Splendid

        I’d certainly say he’s taken more seriously than a guy like Letterman or Leno

        Maybe, but that still ain’t Stewart’s or the Daily Show’s fault or problem.

        If we continue at this pace, soon The Onion will be up against the wall for its peccadilloes.

  • Every time I’ve seen a bit of Sanchez he seemed to be trying out for a job as the next host for the Price is Right. It never occurred to me that the non-stop folksiness and arch humor about tweets might me authentic. I assumed he was pandering. Perhaps I owe him an apology…

  • Every time I’ve seen a bit of Sanchez he seemed to be trying out for a job as the next host for the Price is Right. It never occurred to me that the non-stop folksiness and arch humor about tweets might be authentic. I assumed he was pandering. Perhaps I owe him an apology…

  • Benjamin

    So when Sanchez is shitcanned for his comments, will that just prove that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart?

    • But of course.

      I suspect CNN is relieved to have this bit of distractovision. They can focus on Rick’s remarks and ignore The O’Keefe Caper. This will allow the corp. to avoid the slings and arrows of being called Liberal Poopyheads. Look for 900 hours of bloviating about this, 000 hours about O’Keefe.

      • Mike in Houston

        It will also allow them to walk back from Rick’s comments that there is no bullying– that it is just a word the media made up.

        Apparently there is no bullying, but everything is bigotry.

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  • Kathleen

    I rarely watch Stewart any more. I think his success has gone to his head, he’s now as establishment as anyone; anxious to be seen as “even-handed.” His march for the middle, or whatever it’s called, is proof that he’s taking himself way, way too seriously.
    And given the length of the post, maybe the columnist is taking Stewart too seriously too. Is he so important that it matters a whole page what Rick Sanchez (Rick Sanchez!!) thinks of him?

    • MikeJ

      Gosh. A whole page of text about a bigot with a national TV slot. I didn’t realise we were running so short on text that we had to ration it to discuss only, uhm, what? What would you think is worth a whole page of text?

      A whole page!

      • Warren Terra

        Many Bothans pixels died to get you this blog post.

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  • jbj

    Disclaimer 1: I am a Jon Stewart fan and a CNN non-fan. Disclaimer 2: This is all a bit of a tempest in a teapot — Sanchez has suffered insults or rude comments, not discrimination.

    But Sanchez has a point. I read about this at TPM and watched the Daily Show clip of Stewart making fun of Sanchez: his style, nitpicking his pronunciation and word choice, and comparing him to the too-intense guy on coke who corners you at a party.

    I prefer my talking heads to be more solemn and less boisterous than Sanchez. But that’s a matter of taste, and to build a whole Daily Show segment on Sanchez talking too loud and misusing terms and misplacing Hawaii on a world map, is a little weak. OK, CNN over-emphasizes weather and soft news stories, but I assume any anchor at CNN is subject to that critique. Also: Suggesting that a Latino guy from Florida is a cokehead, is dicey territory.

    Dominick, the radio guy interviewing Sanchez, argued that because Stewart was a stand-up comic and being a stand-up is hard work, therefore he is exempt from any charges of elitism of any sort. I hope we can all agree what bullshit that is.

    Sanchez’s overall thesis is one that Stewart would agree with — the left should be the target of our criticism, at least sometimes, as well as the right. For Sanchez to ding Stewart for this is a little touchy and obviously self-serving, but not illegitimate.

    • mark f

      Indeed. One can easily imagine Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, Ted Koppel, Katie Couric, or even Brit Hume talking too loudly, misusing terms and misplacing Hawaii on a map. What do vocal abilities, facility with language and concepts, and basic geographic knowledge have to do with being a professional television newscaster anyway?

      • jbj

        That’s quite a list of white men you have there. (Plus Katie Couric, who has sweated and probably continues to sweat to overcome the handicap of not being a man.)

        • mark f

          “Most of the other people who have done this job in the past were white. Therefore, Rick Sanchez cannot be criticized for being terrible at it.”

      • DocAmazing

        In fairness, Barbara Walters has had a long and profitable television career despite habits of speech that Gilda Radner barely overstated and an embarrassing tendency to tongue-bathe the powerful on-camera. Also in fairness, she was lampooned relentlessly; grow a skin, Sanchez.

        • Halloween Jack

          Heck, just about any anchor of prominence has been lampooned by SNL (and some with long careers, like Walters and Ted Koppel, by more than one generation). But Sanchez is apparently a precious and unique snowflake.

  • SEK

    In all fairness to Stewart, his show started mocking Sanchez for being an idiot a long time ago, and with good reason.

  • Margarita

    In all fairness to Stewart, his show is, and always has been a parody, satire, and critique of cable-TV news. It is only secondarily about politics or society or pop culture or even the media in general. It’s reason for being is specifically to ridicule the Rick Sanchezes of the world. Left-right has very little to do with it; and ethnicity is a non sequitur.

    If I did just sit there and read the teleprompter every day, Jon Stewart would never say a word about me. He’d say I’m a good Hispanic anchor …”

    No wonder Stewart thinks this guy is a moron.

  • KC45s

    Sanchez makes six- (seven-?) figures for frequently being goofy on the country’s national news network. Dude, you’ve made it! No need to be defensive.

    And just wondering: my dad, like Sanchez pere, works hard. Sixty hours/week on his feet at a tool-and-die plant. And he’s retirement age. Still, how does this imbue me with virtue or cred? Can someone ask Sanchez why he isn’t driving Dad’s truck if it is so damn noble?

  • howard

    i don’t quite understand why sanchez didn’t come right out and say what he’s obviously thinking: “that jon stewart is just a clever smarty-pants and i think clever smarty-pants are smug, condescending elites who will never accept me no matter how much money i make.”

  • wengler

    New Rule: A brown, Spanish-speaking guy in Miami cannot claim to have suffered crippling discrimination and then turn around and say that a Jew in New York cannot have possibly experienced the same.

    Sanchez, you are stupid and very lucky to have climbed into the position of afternoon weekday anchor on the third most popular cable news network in the US. Don’t turn that God-given bumbling stupidity that we’ve all come to love into a mishmash of idiotic prejudices.

  • lou

    As a former South Florida resident, I cringed when Sanchez was hired by CNN. He was the original “it bleeds, it leads” anchor/reporter in Miami. Missing or victimized white girls and thuggish black men committing violence were his specialties. So for him to talk about racism? Ha!

    Especially coming from Miami.

    • Me too! I’ve watched the guy for at least 20 years starting with his insane antics on WSVN. “I’m not some moron to be…” ?? Rick, you ARE that moron! We saw you every night!

      How about the fact that Sanchez’s politics are obviously those of a typical rightwing Cuban exile (he can’t even mention Fidel Castro on-air without displaying visible revulsion) but nobody ever calls him on this obvious bias?

  • manwith7talents

    Picking public fights with John Stewart tends to be a really bad idea.

    • MikeC

      Frankly, in my own humble opinion, I think going after anyone wasn’t what shot him down. He attacked his employer, co-workers and supervisors, on the air, over and over again. Not a very bright thing to do when you appear on the teevee every night, but I think anyone would be in a bit of trouble having done what Rick did. I think the reaction of CNN was over the top, but I don’t know what happened in the past 24 hours since his knuckleheaded views were aired. I did watch the reairing of his show instead of Olbermann early in the morning. Beside being a knucklehead, he did an okay job on CNN.

  • Freddie

    Of course, Campos is eliding the worlds of difference in the kinds and levels of oppression that a privileged white Jewish guy like Jon Stewart had to live with (and he certainly did), and what the average Hispanic guy named Sanchez has had to go through. The real oppression is class oppression, and to hand wave that away is inaccurate and insulting.

    Of course, on this particular issue, there is very little tolerance for nuance.

    • The average Hispanic in America’s experience is hardly the same as the average Cuban exile in Miami’s experience. While no doubt there was a fair amount of friction associated with the Cuban migration to Miami, we’re talking about an immigrant population that was disproportionately upper-class quickly taking the reins of economic and political power in a city, NOT a population of migrant low-wage workers perpetually stuck living at the margins.

      For Sanchez to complain about discrimination hurting his career is pretty rich – he’s managed to consistently fall upward in journalism for 20 years despite being a bona fide moron with a DUI fatality on his record.

      • Freddie

        So in other words, when we’re dealing with the potential hardships that John Stewart may have endured, we’re speaking in universals, but if when we’re dealing with Rick Sanchez, we should particularize as much as possible? You really think that there’s no chance that Sanchez has faced genuine bigotry in his life? None? And yet you’re sure that Stewart has endured the same.

        I’ll tell you: I would think far more carefully about this. But then, there’s this amen choir in this thread, and everyone is patting themselves on the back for being good parsers of bigotry. So hey, why not pile on Rick Sanchez AND the Cuban exile community where, apparently, the streets are lined with gold. T

        • wengler

          I’m game to pile on both the anti-Castro Cuban exile community and the Jewish pro-Israel lobby in the US. But that isn’t what this is about.

          This is about Sanchez getting his panties in a bunch about how Jon Stewart is picking on him. And because Stewart is picking on him Sanchez is blaming an entire group of people real and imagined. Because Sanchez is stupid and can’t stand to be called stupid. End of story.

          • Freddie

            But, of course, it’s not the end of the story. You’ve got Campos here, and a bunch of commenters, making wildly broad statements about the reality of racial oppression in the United States, all for the purpose of mocking Rick Sanchez. Well Sanchez is a jerk who said some stupid stuff. But this is the kind of issue the blogosphere loves so very much. It allows a bunch of decent white liberals to pooh-pooh a claim of bigotry, and doing it under the cover that a competing claim of bigotry provides. And, look, all around the blogs, everybody loves it. Everyone congratulates themselves for their racial righteousness.

            Well, guess what, Paul Campos just engaged in some ludicrously reductive racial sociology, he did so irresponsibly, and a lot of people are following him in doing it. That you’re bringing up the Israeli lobby non sequitur is just a demonstration that self-aggrandizing narrative will not be denied.

            • Warren Terra

              Um, I can’t speak for Campos or for any other commenters, but I was amazed by Sanchez dismissing the idea that a Jew might have some personal experience of bigotry, even before he added his bigoted statements about Jewish control of the media. My reaction had nothing to do with any discounting of the possibility that Sanchez might also have personal experience of bigotry; I suspect that a lot of other commenters similarly aren’t discounting the reality of the racial oppression Mr. Sanchez may well have suffered.

            • Gulermo

              “It allows a bunch of decent white liberals to pooh-pooh a claim of bigotry, and doing it under the cover that a competing claim of bigotry provides.” How do you know that the opinions here are from “white liberals”? It is interesting to note that you are able to divine race and ethnicity from a written statement.

            • Gulermo

              As well as political affiliation. Does it bother you that Sanchez chose a bigots point of view, (ie: THE JEWS CONTROL THE WORLD), to complain about bigotry? The irony; does it burn?

            • Gulermo

              Do I need to remind you of the historical animosity of Hispanos contra de Judios?

  • You are way off base. If you go back and read Paul’s post, what he’s saying is simply that what both Sanchez and Stewart have suffered pale in comparison to the plight of what we’d think of when we think “oppressed minority.” Sanchez was the one who brought that phrase and the whole racial angle into the conversation, and it’s because it’s so transparently an attempt to play a racial victim (without any evidence of the criticism being racially motivated) that it should be ridiculed.

    • Freddie

      And yet Campos can’t help but use the fact that Jon Stewart is Jewish, and undoubtedly has faced some discrimination as a result, as leverage against Sanchez. See? “I suggest you might ask yourself why your last name is still Sanchez while Jon Stuart Leibowitz’s is now Stewart.” He is explicitly and unapologetically mocking Sanchez’s claims to having endured any racial oppression. And he does it with almost exactly the same vehicle as Rick Sanchez, by comparing him to some other member of a minority and asserting, without evidence, that the latter must have endured far more than the former.

      In other words, he’s done just what you are (rightly) criticizing Sanchez for doing. The fact that he does so subtly and Sanchez does it so ineptly is little excuse. And, all around the liberal blogosphere, the hosannas ring.

      • howard

        freddie, while you’re busy congratulating yourself on your brilliant insights into the human condition that go unshared by the stewart-loving white liberals you are convinced populate this environ, you might at least try to get your critique rooted in something accurate.

        at no moment did our host “mock” sanchez: he simply pointed out that oppression takes many forms and just because sanchez is unaware of some of them is no reason to believe they’re not there.

        but of course using a word like “mock” lets you feel so much better about yourself, even if it doesn’t actually fit the situation.

  • ‘Rick Sanchez fired by the evil Jewish media overlords at CNN’. Borrowed the title from iHATETHEMEDIA. Couldn’t happen to a niceR CNN bot. But keep tearing yourselves up about it. This is gold. GOLD!!

    • Halloween Jack

      Run along, Donalde. Grown-ups are talking.

    • hv

      I’m going to call it right now: Sanchez gets hired by Fox and AmericanEocon is posting links praising Sanchez within 2 years.

      He doesn’t even get that a lot of commenters think that Sanchez is the douche! Scary how much animus and how little thought.

  • This thing brings out everything stupid in American race relations. It’s all about gaffes, nothing about structure. The left just wants a hierarchy of oppression in which their coalition is more victimized than the other guy’s, and the right is increasingly the same way. It’s depressing.

    • MikeJ

      So what you’re saying is, “If we’re gonna call one side bigoted, we probably gotta look at the other side and say the same thing.”

      Next you’ll be claiming you’re not a moron.

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  • I am going to defend Sanchez. He said Stewart has a middle class background. The guy interviewing him noted that Stewart is Jewish. Sanchez said the people running CNN are a lot like Stewart. I think he wasn’t speculating about their religion (or religious background).

    I think he was saying that they were a lot like Stewart (his, uh, you know, words). Digging deeper he meant that they are people who feel that they are a lot like Stewart. I feel that I am a lot like Stewart and I am not Jewish.

    Sanchez has been fired. If he was fired for saying people like John Stewart run CNN, then he was wrong. I don’t know John Stewart but I’m sure he wouldn’t do something like that.

    Of course CNN may have had excellent reasons to fire Sanchez. All I know about Sanchez is what I see on The Daily Show, so I have the impression that he is both a complex person and a moron (who insulted morons saying they aren’t complex ? Oh yeah I am defending him).

    I definitely agree with Sanchez on Stewart’s desire to occasionally pick on CNN too so as to balance his criticism of Fox (or make it more credible or I don’t know why he does it but he definitely does it).

    • cubanbob

      There is nothing complex about Sanchez. He is a moron. He is also a drunk and a DUI killer. An embarrassment to Cubans everywhere. He can’t accept his idiocy and incompetence and as as per usual with idiots and incompetents they can’t admit to their own shortcomings so they blame others for their shortcomings. It took affirmative action to get him to his otherwise higher than he would have achieved on his own Peter Principle level. Goodbye Rick. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  • J R Bu

    The truth Harts..
    Please become the /shara Pilan for the un_heard
    Please VOTE!!
    NOV 2nd

  • R.Johnston
  • Throw the Jew Down the Well.

    And then leap after hiiiiiim! [Thud]

    Now sit back and watch as the usual rejects reassure the rubes that they’ll still be raptured if they believe Jews Control the Media because Stewart is a liberal and therefore a faux-Jew.

  • hv

    John Stewart makes fun of Jews also. In a strongly stereotyped voice. And calls himself an idiot. So bigoted against those not like him is just plain wrong.


    (And runs photoshopped pics of the Belgian police holding Belgian waffles as riot shields, so he really isn’t a serious news agency at a very fundamental level.)

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  • Jamie

    Well to be fair, Sanchez is just an idiot, it’s really not his fault, you’d have to blame his parents.

  • Shawn Laughlin

    “Look Rick, in America in 2010 you and me are basically white guys — just like Jon Stewart.”

    You are wrong. How many Jews do you see standing outside of Home Depot or Lowes looking for work? You are absolutely off the mark in not recognizing the distinction between historic oppression and current oppression.

    • DocAmazing

      You don’t see too many Cubans out there, either. Not all Latinos are the same–Guatemalans are not Mexicans are not Bolivians and so on. Miami Cubans, especially, have a very privileged position–they can cut to the head of any ICE line, and were for decades eligible for government aid that most of us could only dream of.

    • cubanbob

      Trust me you don’t see to many Cubans outside of a Lowe’s or Home Depot looking for work either. Mexican’s, yes. Nicaraguans and Central American’s, yes. Cubans, no. But then again you are running off at the mouth about stuff you know nothing about. Get a clue.

      • Shawn Laughlin

        No you need a “clue” sweetheart. Jews are NOT a socioeconomic class. Hispanics – Mexicans, Nicaraguans, Cubans etc – are. Because you stereotype Cubans means you’re stupid (like all bigots), not right.

  • Ben L

    Do any of you paper tigers see the irony that Rick Sanchez was immediately terminated by the Jewish media for saying Jews run the media?

    Try to see past your own bigotry. “Jews run media” isn’t a valuative statement. Any more than 50 years ago “WASPS run media” was a valuative statement. It’s ridiculous to see you white folks argue over Sanchez’s bigotry for saying Jews run media when he himself is a case clearly delineating that fact.

    Have you bleeding liberal caucasians and neo-cons alike considered pulling your head out of your asses?

    • Dave

      Nope, I don’t see the irony at all.

      I don’t know exactly who fired Rick Sanchez, but the current president of CNN, Ken Jautz, is not Jewish. CNN is of course owned by Time Warner, which is run by Jeffrey Bewkes, who is not Jewish, either.

      As a matter of fact, Jautz has only been President of CNN for about a week – he replaced Jon Klein, a Jewish guy who kept promoting Sanchez. Looks like the “Evil Non-Jewish Media” is to blame for Sanchez’ canning.

    • hv

      The thing is 50 years ago, they were saying Jews ran the media.

  • The Pale Scot

    “Everybody else who’s not like him. Look at his show, I mean, what does he surround himself with?”

    Having worked for decades in NJ restaurants I think I’ve had enough experiences to say this,

    Pete, you’re problem is Cubanos (and you) aren’t funny, ask any hispanic kitchen worker.

    Mexicans and Guatemalans, salt of the earth types with a Gurka like humor toward hardship.

    Costa Ricans might as well be Tequila sipping Irish.

    Ecuadorians completely ernest. How to work 32 hours a day? ask an Ecuadorian.

    Brazilians and Columbians, definitely have a sense of humor, I don’t get it all that often, but they’re willing to explain it to me. (I still don’t get it)

    And then there’s Pete.

    “Dying is easy, comedy is hard”
    Pete, “what? dying? who’s dying?”

  • Orinocle

    Some of my business peers are Black jews who have shared with me the racism they encounter from the white jewish community….Of course they can’t hide from their hue even after they change their names…

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