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What I’m Reading…


I am slowly and not so surely pushing my way through this list, working forward chronologically.  William Hazlitt’s On Common-Place Critics is, in fact, quite fantastic.  Now reading the Fitzgerald, although because the list has been updated several times I’ve actually made more progress than that suggests.

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  • Whole lot more Jon Krauaker on that list than seems necessary.

  • partisan

    Really there are no articles from The New York Review of Books, The London Review of Books, The New Republic, New Left Review and only one from The Nation. I don’t really like Commentary, in fact I heartily loathe it, but “By Cozzens Possessed” may be the most devastating book review of the 20th century. Likewise Mark Crispin Miller’s 1990 autopsy of the cinema deserves some recognition. Why no Renata Adler, or any film critics, or Philip Rahv, or Mike Davis or Fredric Jameson or pre Clinton Christopher Hitchens or Conor Cruise O’Brien? Why not David Rieff or Philip Gourevitch on genocide? If Hannah Arendt apepars why not John Hershey on Hiroshima?

  • SEK

    Sometimes I really miss teaching literary journalism, as I probably taught about 90 percent of the material on that list. You could do much, much worse than spend a month reading an article a day off it.

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