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Pre-emptively Caving to Obstructionism


Obama’s approach to judicial nominations has, indeed, been very weak. The legislative situation is about to get a lot worse, so now is the time to get as many nominees confirmed as he can. And it’s not as if failing to fill vacancies is making it more likely that other major legislation will be passed or anything.

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  • map106

    Not to be the grammar police, but, you’re missing a word in the first sentence.

  • DrDick

    Obama’s approach to pretty much everything involving Congress has been pretty damned pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      That depends on what you think he has been trying to accomplish.

    • Captain Splendid

      And I still don’t get it.

      -I understood that he was nowhere near as liberal as he was painted.
      -I understood that he was hired as much as a janitor as he was a Chief Executive and therefore would spend lots of time on cleanup, thereby limiting the time he had to do anything more lofty.
      -I understood that he was a cerebral wonk and probably wouldn’t, unlike some past presidents, give you a bit of a woody.
      -I understood that Dems, by and large, are scaredy cats, and completely in thrall to this fake notion of “real America”.
      -I understood that the conservatives of 2008 made the conservatives of 1992 look like a retirement home canasta game.

      But I still don’t get Obama. I’m working off the HST model that anyone who operates at this level in the political game has, at the very least, the following two characteristics:

      1. A certain, above-average amount of narcissism and monomania, that “fire in the belly” Hunter liked to call it.
      2. An eye towards history. You cannot possibly convince me that anyone who’s made it to the top of the political pile doesn’t spend large gobs of time thinking about the subsequent decades and how they will fit in to that. Hell, even W cared about his legacy, and I’m still not sure he knew he was POTUS in the first place.

      Anyway, somebody please explain this to me, because Obama seems hellbent on being viewed as a boring, corporatist tool. I can see a Republican seeing that as an unalloyed good, but in a Democrat, it’s just embarrassing.

      • Guest

        I’m going to go with the Ockham’s Razor explanation, which is that all of the things you mention are true, and that together they indicate that he’s not a very good President. I.e. there is no meta-answer, he’s just not working out too well.

        • Guest

          Or more compactly, he’s the anti-LBJ.

          • Captain Splendid

            How the hell do we deserve to live in a world where a crooked, loudmouthed Texan who lied his country into an unnecessary war make an intelligent, humble moderate look unfit to even carry his water?

  • Ed

    -I understood that the conservatives of 2008 made the conservatives of 1992 look like a retirement home canasta game.

    As I remember they seemed rather formidable at the time, and the birthers could learn a lot from the Arkansas Project folks. The movement was on the rise, not on the retreat. However, one thing I’ll say for the right wing, they don’t know from retreating. At the time Obama took office, there was a lot of talk about the vanishing Republican party and a major generational shift, with Obama’s new coalition at the fore. Haven’t heard much of that recently.

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