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  • Some Guy

    Soooo, cocaine is back in vogue, then? Only now, it’s mixed with bigger budgets! So instead of, “I Lost my Heart to a Starship Trooper.”, we get… Three Stooges cross-dressing paramilitary fetish soft-core music videos. With just a pinch of steampunk to flavor.
    A catchy song, to be sure, but I worry about where this is heading. Gallagher / Philliy Phanatic snuff films set to a poppy beat? OPn the moon? It boggles the mind.

    • dave

      Too Much Money Syndrome…

  • Linnaeus

    Looks like an updated Madonna song and video.

    • More like a compilation of Madonna’s cutting-room-floor clippings, the material she had too much taste to use….

      • commie atheist

        The fembot boobguns were a nice touch, though.

  • HP

    And yet another generation grows up thinking they’re hip without confronting Cold-War-era Italian genre cinema. Bava is spinning in his grave, and Argento wishes he were dead so he could do something with all that nervous energy.

  • Jager

    As an old DFH, I’m thinking, what a waste of money and talent! (I think GaGa has some)The video is bullshit, stiff, mechanical dance moves,electronic drums, perfect for some club DJ to goose up and a shitload of gratuitous sex thrown in to get the 14 year boys to watch it! I hate to be old bastard but really, GaGa, just fucking sing a song!

  • hirst

    Can I just say:
    Fuck Blanche Lincoln, fuck Ray Allen, and fuck the world.
    Oh, and this song is too repetitive. I must not be on enough drugs to enjoy it properly.

  • joeyess

    Is there a point to this? Some back story that I’m missing? Am I not hip or is this just fucking taking Britney Spears to a new level of the absurd?

  • an human echo

    The only point to Lady G is that she has the sexiest proboscis that has yet evolved. All else is superfluous.

  • JHD

    Ga Ga has amazing presence. She does not need anything at all, and Madonna (whom I admire for her drive and focus) is pale by comparison.

  • witless chum

    Not really my favorite genre, but she seems to a.) be having fun b.) not take herself particularily seriously. I’ll count myself as slightly pro-Lady Gaga. (Hell, she calls herself Lady Gaga)

  • Halloween Jack

    She has amazing style, but her music is almost immediately forgettable. It’s amusing to compare it to her pre-Gaga musical persona.

  • BKN

    Reminds me of the ad from the “Mr. Plow” episode of the Simpsons.

  • I love Lady Gaga, full disclosure. And I think there is so much here to breakdown and deconstruct, especially the genderqueer stuff. I love how homoerotic and kink-positive the video is. And am I totally comfortable with eroticizing militarization? Maybe not! But mostly, I felt compelled to write about how sexy it was.

    But love her or hate her, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

    • scythia

      90% image, 10% music.

      If I ran a marketing agency, I’d be scared shitless of her. As a musician, I find her easy to dismiss.

    • dave

      A “force”? Really? I thought she was a musician. Call me back when she stops a war.

  • You know who else used to make videos like this?

    • BigHank53

      Yeah, but could you dance to them?

      • commie atheist

        Of course you could. “Springtime for Hitler” is full of catchy dance tunes!

        • Bob

          Don’t be stupid
          Be a smartie
          Come and join
          The Nazi Party

  • Western Dave

    The only 14 year old boys watching this will be the Gay-Bi-questioning ones. And even then only in the privacy of their own homes.

    As any viewer of Glee can tell you, or in my case as an Upper School teacher, to be male, a teenager, and to publicly announce love or even interest in Gaga is to be called “faggot” and invite several beat downs. Students at High Schools of the Performing Arts may have different results. Students at Quaker schools, however, will not. It will just be said a lot quieter, or on Facebook.

    • Jager

      Naw, they will watch to catch the prominent cameltoe she displays as she crawls off one of the beds…

  • M. Showperson

    Dude, I love Ace of Base.

    • Halloween Jack

      All that Lady Gaga wants is another baby.

  • Well, that was surprisingly dull. 8:45 packing about 3:30 worth of ideas.

  • I yearn for a world where this is nothing more than a SNL skit..

    • I yearn for a world in which SNL is even *that* entertaining…

  • Gee whiz. I thought the Eurovision song contest was over.

  • Sly

    I must be getting old. I have no idea what any of that shit was about.

    But I do like that Polka Face song of hers.

  • Hogan

    This could become the best Literal Video ever, if the Total Eclipse of the Heart people get around to it.

  • cynickal

    Man, it’s as if someone took ll the discarded letters to MTV from 1981 and reposted them to this forum.

    Almost as many armchair musical directors here as armchair generals.

    All I’m reading is, “Get off my lawn!” and “You damned kids with your hoop-skirts and spats!”

    • Is it ok to thing it sucks, but not because of any alleged iconoclasm?

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