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Kausmentum Fail….


This is sad:

There is sad news though: birther queen Orly Taitz was viciously trounced in her effort to become California Secretary of State, losing the Republican nomination 3-1 in favor of former NFL player Damon Dunn. (I know.) And yet? Orly Taitz got 368,316 votes in that race. In the Senate race for the Democrat nomination, against Barbara Boxer, Slate blogger Mickey Kaus received just 93,599.

This tragic result could deprive us of the ridiculously entertaining spectacle of the Kaus Senate “campaign”, UNLESS some enterprising Californians come together to form California for Kaus. It’s not surprising that Mickey’s “in your face” ideas would find little fertile ground among the radical leftists and illegal immigrants who constitute 94.7% of California Democratic Party primary voters, but it would be a disaster of epic proportions if Mickey let this minor setback prevent him from continuing to bring his message to the people….

UPDATE [SL]: Last night, the Kaus Kampaign sent me an email reporting that “[t]urnout is reportedly extremely low. That means the Boxer regulars aren’t bothering to vote. If our supporters turn out, we can CATCH THEM NAPPING!” I guess Mickey’s supporters were hibernating, or perhaps in a drunken stupor…

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