This is incomparably awesome:

Via Duss.

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  • I went to junior high school with Doc Ellis. He used to rough up the new 7th graders, though, to be fair, he was rather casual about it and didn’t go overboard. Since the coaches egged him on, he probably figured it was expected and he wasn’t actually a mean guy, though I, for one, can’t claim to have actually enjoyed being beaten up despite Doc’s broad smile.

  • “Dock Ellis in the Country of Baseball” is the greatest sports book ever written by a Poet Laureate.

  • Rick Massimo
  • Midwest Product

    It’s a shame there isn’t a tape of this game lying around somewhere. It would be absolutely fascinating to watch, and it would be really interesting to hear what (if anything) the commentators noticed.

  • howard

    i had a book that i can’t put my hands on right now that included the newspaper accounts of no-hitters through baseball history including this one.

    amusingly, one of the things i always cited as evidence that it was true that dock was tripping was that he walked 8 and hit a batter, but now that edwin jackson walked 8 en route to a no-hitter.

    more seriously, the thing about dock’s no-hitter – which the article did reveal – was that he wasn’t expected to start that day and he showed up to chart pitches, so the idea that he dropped acid expecting to sit on the bench and chart pitches is a credible one.

    another piece of credibility is that dock became a drug counselor.

    and rick massimo, i’m not in a position to check right now, but i assume that’s the wonderful s.f. seals’ song, right?

  • j.b. Kawika


    the link is to Todd Snider, who’s last album had a song about Doc’s no-no. It’s pretty great, and well worth checking out.

    • howard

      ah, the todd snider, i forgot about that one, it’s fine, but i’d contend that the s.f. seals song (with barbara manning on vocals) about dock is even better.

      • Rick Massimo

        I’ll have to check it out.

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