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Oh, My.


Israeli Defense Forces seem to have fired on a flotilla of humanitarian shipments, killing nine ten aid workers (or militant blockade runners, depending on where you sit). Netanyahu has defended his troops who claim to have fired in self-defense, and has canceled his visit to the White House. Al-Jazeera is live-blogging the coverage.

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  • DrDick

    I see where turkey is now promising to provide naval escorts for future humanitarian missions. This is getting really ugly, really fast and the US would appear to be caught in the middle given that we do not seem to have the balls to tell Israel that they are on their own regardless of what they do.

  • cpinva

    it’s amazing the israeli government would do something this incredibly stupid. it’s even more amazing that someone in the israeli military command wasn’t able to talk them out it.

    they could easily have stopped them from even entering israeli waters, boarded the ships, verified the humanitarian nature of the cargo and allowed it to be off-loaded and delivered to gaza.

    it’s almost as though the leadership figures out the worst possible thing they can do, and does it.

    • DocAmazing

      Why wouldn’t they? They know that we’ll cover for them regardless.

  • Simple Mind

    Some so-called “beacon of democracy”. Killing for kicks…

  • Ed

    it’s almost as though the leadership figures out the worst possible thing they can do, and does it.

    Bibi knows he has nothing to fear from Obama, whose measure he took early on. Expect a Congressional motion affirming Israel’s right to self defense by the end of the week. Sometimes crime does pay.

    Regarding the Israeli National News link – this was a civilian ship in international waters. I especially like the suggestion in the article that the IDF soldiers were innocently boarding the vessel to take a look around and for some inexplicable reason a few of the passengers elected to attack these harmless visitors.

  • jon

    Israel has chosen to become a rogue nation, perhaps a failed state. It has determined that preventing relief supplies from reaching its concentration camp, using military force to murder unarmed civilians in international waters, takes precedence over smoothing out the West Bank, containing Iran, seeking peace with Lebanon, or any other national interest. I suppose that when Israel destroys your apartment building, they really do want it to stay destroyed.

    How Israel hopes to use this action to improve its position escapes me entirely. Certainly they can restrict supplies that enter Gaza, sink ships and kill people, which will deter much of that activity. But can they truly justify to themselves, much less the world, depriving Gazans of food and supplies? This is the way of madness, and ultimately failure.

    For a nation sanctified by the horror and depravity of the Holocaust, I would have thought that Israel would not seek to duplicate the circumstances in their own country. Yet we see similar joy in the exertion of raw power against those who cannot respond, the callous toying with captives, the arbitrary dehumanization, the stripping away of property and rights, collective punishment, hunger used as a weapon. It is heartbreaking to see Israel turing into what it reviled.

  • JJ

    All your aid are belong to us.

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