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Broder/Snowe ’12!


I’m not sure which of the many obviously idiotic arguments in the latest demonstration of utter cluelessness by Mark Penn, Union Buster (TM) is the very dumbest. But I think I’m going to have to go with his assertion that the socially liberal/fiscally conservative view is underrepresented in American politics. How a pollster who seems not to know anything about public opinion or the structure of American political institutions manages to get one extremely high-paying gig after another is an even better example of the consultant racket than Bob Shrum.

The most amazing thing about Penn’s performance as he torpedoed the Clinton campaign is that his strategy of relentlessly insulting people’s intelligence didn’t seem to be pure spin — to a large extent, he seemed to believe his own bullshit.

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  • Penn really should sign as a Kaus’ campaign manager.

    • DrDick

      Are you sure he has not already done so? That campaign has his fingerprints all over it.

      • Scott Lemieux

        It’s a perfect fit, but I don’t think Mickey can afford him….

  • DrDick

    He certainly seems to have ignored the last two Democratic Presidents in that analysis.

  • wengler

    Socially liberal/fiscally conservative is such a bullshit position to begin with in this country. When it comes down to it, it just means you are a Republican that thinks that abortion shouldn’t be outlawed and gay people shouldn’t be publicly harassed.

    Neither of the parties is fiscally conservative, though the Democrats seem to be much less partisan about when they are concerned about deficits and debt.

    If you want to see true social liberalism and fiscal conservatism, I suggest you examine the budgets of socialist democracies like Norway. Norway has a massive surplus yet still has very high taxes on consumables in order to support its public commitments. This keeps consumption reasonable, inequity low, and allows it to do things like help bailout irresponsible capitalist economies like Iceland.

    • DocAmazing

      “Socially liberal and fiscally conservative” is what one says when one wants to say “I’m in favor of good things but opposed to bad things” but feels one’s audience might be offended at being seen as that infantile

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