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More Info on Cheonan Sinking

[ 5 ] April 27, 2010 |

Closer to an official statement on the sinking of Cheonan:

A North Korean torpedo attack was the most likely cause for the sinking of a South Korean warship last month, according to a U.S. military official.

The United States believes the ship was sunk by the blast of an underwater explosion, but that the explosive device itself did not come in contact with the hull of the South Korean ship, the official said. This is the same conclusion expressed by South Korean military officials.

The U.S. Navy has an investigative team assisting the South Koreans.

The U.S. official declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter and due to the fact neither South Korea or the United States has publicly discussed any potential response…

The Korea Times is reporting a Chinese developed Type EO-3G torpedo may have been the weapon used. It is said to have the homing capability to hit a ship after tracking the vessel’s screws acoustically. U.S. Navy warships are equipped with sophisticated sensors and acoustic technology aimed at tracking such threats.

As I’ve suggested before, I think that the cause of the sinking was probably obvious to investigators after fairly cursory inspection. I think that both the Americans and South Koreans are taking this slow because they’re trying to work out the implications both of the attack and of the array of potential responses.


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  1. cpinva says:

    i have to think the chinese can’t be too happy about this. it’s bad enough having a loose cannon, with nukes, on your border, do you really want that cannon actually shooting at someone, that could have potentially disasterous consequences for you as well? probably not.

    i’d like to think the chinese gov’t will be prevailed upon to have a “chat” with pyongyang, about keeping a tighter grip on their munitions.

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  4. Some Guy says:

    I, for one, haven’t ruled out the possibility of a super-secret stealth destroyer, owned my a megalomaniac news entrepreneur, trolling the waters of east Asia for the latest news stories. Manufactured, if need be.

  5. JW says:

    Translated, Cheonan is Korean for Rueben James.

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