May 6


A poorly kept secret: tomorrow morning Gordon Brown will go to the Queen and do that thing he has to do in order to dissolve Parliament and have an election.  Every general election since 1997 has been held simultaneous with local elections, this year was widely assumed to be no different, that day is 6 May.

With a month to go then, the Tories have opened up a ten point lead on YouGov’s tracker, up from +6 on 31 March.

Me?  I’ll be boarding a flight to return to the UK on May 6th.  Not chiefly by design; the cheapest return date by some distance was the 6th.  So I’ll miss it.  I’ll grab a paper when I land.  The papers, assuming they’re still in business in a month, might talk about the election results.

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  • Phil K


  • Amanda in the South Bay

    I’m no bonafide political scientist, but isn’t it a good thing for one political party to not remain in power for too long, despite how much we all loathe the Conservatives?

    • George

      In theory yes, but in this scenario the parties are essentially the same. Even the Liberal Democrats are offering ‘Thatcher lite’ policies, so in actual fact it makes very little difference who you vote for. At least the Tories’ open contempt for anyone who’s not a millionaire (compared to New Labour’s thinly veiled contempt) will revive some class conciousness among the working class and we may once again see some decent radical activism.

      Slightly related note: the proposed budget cuts of 11% accross the board has been commented on by the DoD, they claim that in order to make such cuts they would have to get rid of the equivalent of an entire branch of the services. Imagine everyone in the Army getting fired, now apply that same level of cuts accross the entire public sector. That is exactly how fucked we are, whoever gets elected.

      • Amanda in the South Bay

        I’ll admit to not being an expert on British politics, but isn’t Gordon Brown very disliked by his own party? Wasn’t Tony Blair before him sorta, well, disliked for many reasons, Iraq just being one?

        I mean, it just doesn’t seem like there should be that much support for Labour at all, considering all the negative stuff that political pundits have written about them.

        • mds

          I think that just goes to show how scary the Tories can be: New Labour is pathetic, and barely worth supporting. But “barely” is the key word.

          On the other hand, Posh Boy has paid lip service to the reality of anthropogenic climate change, and the need to take action against it. Nor does he appear to think that Disraeli’s role in British history should be diminished in order to emphasize Richard Cromwell and his authoritarian Christianity. So, “scary” is also relative.

  • Joe

    And in related news, Dave Brockington couldn’t blog his way out of a wet paper bag. Even this pointless obvious opinion-less post, though shorter than most of his, is still about three times longer than it needs to be.

  • mds

    Thanks, Joe, for taking the time to leave a comment on a post that didn’t interest you by a blogger you loathe. Good to see you have your priorities straight. In the future, however, you might also want to throw in an appeal for Jesse to bring Ezra back. Ancient internet tradition and all that.

    • Dave Brockington

      Cool! I finally have some one dumb enough to consistently read me even when I add no value to his life.

      I’ve really made it.

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