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Making Fun of Glenn BeckTesting Video Embed Function


Hat Tip to CNNBC.

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  • Calming Influence

    [O.K., here goes – I hope this works!]

    Ahem! As a regular reader and occasional commenter on this blog, my opinions will naturally carry considerable weight, so I don’t say this casually: I am unhappy with the new look of this blog. The preponderance of robins-egg blue on a white background is annoying. It lacks the gritty tobacco-stain brown earthiness of your previous site.

    Therefore, I would like you to change it back.

    Do it now!

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

    [I think that went well, don’t you?] [Oh, yes! Very well indeed; I’m sure they’re working on changing it back as we speak!]

    • SEK

      Honestly? That’s an awesome comment, and I hope you decide to stay and continue to leave more like it despite the fact that we’re totally going to ignore it, because Blogger’s the bad kind of dog’s balls.

      • Calming Influence

        Well, I’m disappointed of course, but I thank you for your honesty and for bringing me up to speed vis-à-vis dog’s balls.

  • I agree, the white is awful, & very non-distinctive. (Allegedly energy inefficient, as well.)

    Once all the serious bugs are worked out (Not that I’ve noted any so far, knocking on wood.) I’m sure someone will have the sense to make a few clicks & give us a better color scheme. Needn’t be the old one, mind you …

  • kurzleg

    That video was delightful!

  • Little flicker of the image on a static page. That could be my equip.

    Admin, just between you and me, I really dug that long-slide 1911A1 used on the site formerly known as lefarkins.

    Death to the King!
    Long live the King!

  • fcc

    Site looks good, colors who cares, things in progress etc.

    Charli, you have been paid an honor.

    Thank you all.


    Disappointing bit, don’t think the connection between Stalin and Carpenter is all that strong.

  • fcc

    Making a comment returns to comments (in Opera), making it easy to double post.


  • brandon

    The white’s okay; the problems are a) the pale yellow background – deepen it, change it to blue, and/or give the white center a teal border like the topbar (I like the rotating taglines), and b) the header’s the wrong color, it’s too hard to read against that cyan, and the drop shadows are making it worse.

  • I am shocked, shocked to discover Charli’s nefarious past. I always suspected there was something treasonous about her excellent writing…

  • Le bébé-homme pleurant! J’aime ca!

  • Jay C

    Wow! New Site! Kewl!!

    Actually, it is unfamiliar, therefore I think it sucks; but since there is nothing we mere commentators can do about it, there we are.

    I do think the tagline at the top ought to revert to the old “We are aware of all Internet traditions” though: after all: it IS LGM that made it a catchphrase…

  • The “We are aware” line is actually supposed to be among the rotating quotes… thanks for noticing that it’s vanished. Will fix.

  • Nice post. I really liked it.. Don’t forget to update it regularly. I am looking for new updates dying to read more stuff from you.

  • E L

    Having closely studied a photo of Stalin at Yalta and a Google picture of Carpenter side by side for almost a week, I can confirm that the family resemblance between Commies Carpenter and Stalin proves Mr. Beck correct, once again. My tear ducts overflow with joy.

  • E L

    Oh No! I was actually looking at a picture of Churchill at Yalta. Sorry!

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