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Kerry for SecState


The journalismists quotes me. And I do think that John Kerry would make a fine Secretary of State.

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  • cleter

    But he looks French!

  • Mr.Pendent

    Don’t you think Richardson would be a better choice? What with all the existing experience, past successes with very difficult international negotiations, etc.
    I realize “experience” is Grampy’s argument, but still…

  • I hope you got paid for that quote.

  • Xenocrypt

    Of course, if Biden becomes VP, and Kerry becomes Sec of State, and Chris Dodd decides to stay at Banking or another domestic-policy-oriented committee, as I’ve heard he may, we’re looking at Foreign Relations Chair Feingold, as far as I can tell.

  • Docrailgun

    Wesley Clark or Colin Powell for SecDef? Hmm…

  • Ivor the Engine Driver

    Colin Powell? After what he did? Hell, no.

  • Putting aside whether the Obama administration would be interested in him, Clark is ineligible due to the statutory requirement that the SecDef have not served as an active-duty officer of the armed services within ten years of his or her appointment.
    Tony Zinni is ineligible for the same reason. Both would be eligible in 2010, which is one reason why Spencer Ackerman has suggested holding Gates over for two years.

  • Dick Lugar makes sense, and has been mentioned. He’d be capable, would waltz through confirmation (because senators always do), and it would be a bipartisan gesture that would open up a senate seat.

  • strategichamlet

    Zinni or Clark would be good. What is the purpose of the statutory restriction?
    Doesn’t Kerry already have a job? Why would he leave the senate? Richardson also has a job till 2011.

  • Davis

    I hope he’s thinking about a place for Al Gore, too.

  • phil

    Massachusetts will lose a lot of seniority if it replaces Kennedy and Kerry in quick succession. A bit of a shame.

  • CJColucci

    Senator Frank?

  • butch reed

    hellllll no keep lerch where he belongs!!!!!

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