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The Times has a year-end tribute to Steve Gilliard.

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  • nilsey

    one of the worst moments tis year, when i heard that voice was lost.

  • bob

    If anyone deserves a mention in the Times, it was Gilliard. I still occasionally click on a link to him out of habit.

  • Way to work the “lonely black loser unknown by his white blogger friends” angle, Bai.

  • Cass

    I didn’t get the “loser” part of it, except perhaps for this line:
    “The paradox of Gilliardis existence is a familiar story on the blogs, where people often adapt avatars that are more like the selves they imagine being.”
    For as long as people have been writing, they’ve often appeared in print quite different from the way they present themselves in person. This is not the same as having an imaginary character in Dungeons & Dragons; its just a mode of expression that’s very liberating for many shy and reserved people.

  • Cass

    And yes, I miss him terribly.

  • Cass, I see your point, but consider this: do you unpack your opinions on politics for people you meet in daily life? Steve’s posts on barbecue and mac and cheese were hardly confrontational (well, OK, maybe the mac and cheese thread got a bit contentious).
    Notably after the death of Michael Kelly we read that his pugnacity was a pose, that he was really a fine convivial fellow who everybody loved and who put on the air of constant outrage and the nasty attacks to get the conversation started.
    I don’t recall reading that his compartmentalization was a sign of anything. Most of the people who eulogized him seemed to find it charming.

  • Zeke

    Jesse Wendel at the Group News Blog offers a few corrections to the NYT piece in this post.

  • bryan

    would Gilliard want to be eulogized by the paper hiring Bill Kristol?

  • Cass

    “Cass, I see your point, but consider this: do you unpack your opinions on politics for people you meet in daily life?”
    No, you’re right. What I was responding to was the suggestion that there was something artificial or contrived about Steve’s online persona, or that it was somehow strange to find gentleness, thoughfulness and strong passions co-existing within the same person. Steve’s personality always came through powerfully in his writing, whether it was on the subject of politics, food, or the f**king Yankees; which is one of the reasons he left a hole in the blogosphere that’s impossible to fill.

  • BTW, didn’t Lindsay Beyerstein take that photo?

  • No, Zuzu, I think that one was from a conference. Lindsay took the color photo in the green sweater.

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