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Christmas Cheer


It wouldn’t be an LGM Christmas without a little politically-driven holiday cheer, courtesy of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Merry Christmas everyone. Yes, even you tgc.


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  • Hogan

    Merry Xmas, bean and all, let nothing you dismay. (Yeah, that’s right, Xmas, ’cause that’s how I roll. Anyone got a problem with that? Anyone?)

  • Santa – just another sore Liberal loser.

  • tgc

    Given your reaction to the People Magazine story, I think you’ll have no choice but to give this video the “Sexist Video of the Year” award.
    I mean c’mon – the way Santa Claus is a MAN. Ugh…
    And of course wouldn’t you know it, the elf that WALKS BEHIND HIM is a woman!
    I think there’s a pretty clear message here. Apparently, Santa is telling us that women are basically little elves (servants) who should always walk behind men and carry their stuff.

  • Speaking of constitutional rights, and politically minded good cheer,
    it has only recently occurred to me that today is the one year anniversary of the day
    that lawyers for The Disney Corporation did sometheeng abominably stoopit to an innocent bloguero, named Spocko.

  • tgc:* The Man Without A Life** (trolling on Christmas Eve? now really, that is a whole new level of sad).***
    *Apologies in advance to the LGM Pledge Enforcement Team, the beloved PET.
    **Further apologies to R. Musil lovers.
    ***Says the man commenting on Christmas morning.

  • tgc

    Trolling? No trolling here. Simply making a point.
    As to the holiday and my “life”… Frankly, I Don’t really see the issue in breaking away for a few minutes to check the web and make a quick comment at 5:15. I had a great Christmas with my family and I’m not sure that my participation at LGM on Christmas Eve says anything about my life…

  • Hogan

    I Don’t really see the issue in breaking away for a few minutes to check the web and make a quick comment at 5:15.
    Maybe it’s more the “making again the only freakin comment you ever make.” It doesn’t have to be a holiday for that to be waste of lifeforce. But it does add extra spice to your churlishness.

  • tgc

    “Churlishness.” Good word. I like that.
    Though, I don’t believe that the point I made regarding the Christmas video is a repeat.

  • Matt Weiner

    It wasn’t a point at all. Because bean said something you didn’t like on a different thread, you posted something utterly unrelated to the post about your sole obsession. That’s paradigmatic trolling.
    Bonus points for making a false analogy, for totally unfunny satire, and for launching a gratuitous attack on bean when she was much nicer to you than you were to her.
    Seriously, this is unworthy of LGM comments. Can you stop commenting please? Or if you don’t, I’ll just take the pledge to ignore you.

  • tgc

    I like your last paragraph. It looks shockingly familiar.
    I think you’d better take the pledge…

  • OK, tgc, how about The Man Without A Sense of Humor? Or The Man With the Leaden Touch? How about those? They suit you any better?

  • tgc


  • tgc, of course, anyone with a trace of self-awareness would see that your negative answer proves the truth of my claims: you really do have no sense of humor or lightness of touch. But you are a good troll, in that now we’re talking about you, instead of bean’s excellent post.
    But that’s easily fixed: bean, that’s a great find in the CCR video. Thanks for your posts, and keep fighting the good fight.

  • tgc

    If you take your mouse and use it to scroll up, you will see that my original comment is very clearly direced about and towards Bean’s post. Your comment, however has nothing to do with the post. It goes right into name-calling, accusations, and assumptions.
    I did not start talking about me – you did. By your own definition, this would make you the troll.

  • Hogan

    Is it too late to nominate bean for the 2006 Amanda Marcotte Award for Most Unwarranted Shit Received by a Female Blogger?

  • Matt Weiner

    In December 2007? Probably.

  • Hogan

    Yeah, I’m still writing 2005 on my checks. (The upside is none of them get cashed.)

  • How about The Man In Whose Mouth Butter Doesn’t Melt?
    C’mon, tgc, you’re actually dealing with people who’ve been on the net for a couple of years. As if you didn’t call attention to yourself in your comment with offensively trying to paint bean as the cliche of a humorless feminist. Or as if in this last comment, by intentionally and disingenuously claiming that a troll has to literally say “look at me” for it to be trolling, you don’t actually continue to troll, by relentlessly trying to keep the focus on you, rather than on bean’s wit in picking the CCR video. Because that’s what rankles, isn’t it? That bean has wit and you don’t?

  • tgc

    The post she wrote regarding Bush in the PEOPLE Magazine piece warrants a ton of “shit.”
    It was a biased reach beyond defense. And ultimately, my comments all come back to that.

  • TGC is truly The Man Who Bravely Leaps to Defend the Honor of GW Bush!
    little did I dream that I should have lived to see such disasters fallen upon GW Bush, in a nation of gallant men, in a nation of men of honor, and of cavaliers! I thought ten thousand swords must have leaped from their scabbards, to avenge even a look that threatened him with insult. But the age of chivalry is gone…

  • Hogan

    And ultimately, my comments all come back to that.
    MY POINT EXACTLY. Change the record. The needle’s skipping.

  • must remember to close italics tags!

  • djw

    ultimately, my comments all come back to that.
    Can we all agree that bitching about previous posts in the comments to new, unrelated posts is, if not trolling, a pretty assholish thing to do?

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