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Out of Hand?


Media Czech:

A straight-A student in Illinois was arrested for writing a violent essay in a creative writing class. It was an assignment in which the teacher specifically instructed the students to not censor themselves.

Oh, and he was Asian.

So I guess we start arresting kids whose imagination comes up with icky things.

Indeed. Thinking back, that 80 page Red Storm Rising style techno-thriller that I penned in 8th grade homeroom might have gotten me into some trouble. But this is particularly funny:

I was 16 and we were on our last day of week long standards testing. My friend and I were incredibly bored and decided to see who could write the funnier essay. Pretty stupid, but hey, we were 16. Anyway, the essay was to write a letter to the superintendent that proposed a solution to the dastardly problem of tardiness in schools. I decided to write from the point of view of an obviously crazy person who took it way too seriously, advocating a progressive scale of torture for each offense, all in proper writing format. We laughed and didn’t think much of it. However, they sent it back to my school counselor, saying that I was a threat to myself and others. The counselor, knowing me well, knew that wasn’t true and told me she got a big laugh out of the essay.

They don’t send you to the counselor anymore for that kind of thinking, Joe. They either give you a job at the Justice Department, or with the Weekly Standard.

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