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Go Medieval


A department at my university recently interviewed a job candidate who spent about 30 minutes at dinner one evening explaining how s/he and his/her partner spend their free time constructing medieval suits of armor. We also learned in due course that the candidate had been “asked to leave” his/her current university for reasons that weren’t quite clear to us at the time — though perhaps it had something to do with the fact that during an informal reception held at a colleague’s house, this candidate appears to have stolen a bottle of Xanax from the medicine cabinet.

When the pilfered pharmaceuticals wear off, perhaps this person can soothe the bitter sting of rejection with a medieval recipe for bread pudding, available at Medieval Cookery, a site dedicated to . . . well, the obvious.

I’m not much for creative anachronism, but when spring break rolls around next week, I’m going to eat about a thousand stuffed eggs.

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