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Scenes From a Philistine

[ 0 ] November 28, 2005 |

TBogg notes that XFL Media (TM) co-founder Roger Simon is excited about the prospect of a pro-Iraq War film (apparently designed for those who found The Green Berets a little too subtle), which will obviously do the kind of gangbuster business that America’s Heart and Soul did against Fahrenheit 9/11. (As TBogg notes, the war movies that Willis has recently appeared in have really raked in the dough too.) Simon’s optimism seems to have a solid base. Roy has used his prodigious showbiz connections to acquire a copy of Willis’ script. I think we can all agree that if the executives don’t butcher it this movie will a classic–in the sense of a movie frequently aired on American Movie Classics between Delta Force 8: Delta Against Venus and Iron Eagle 4: This Time, We Know Lou Gosset Jr. Has A Higher Script Approval Ratio Than Nic Cage.


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