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I love Detroit.

I have roots in Detroit on both sides of my family. My old man spent many of his formative years (the 18+ formative years) in Detroit during the 1960s and 1970s. My aunt still lives there.

Much of my affection for Detroit, I must admit, comes from my fondness for post-apocalyptic films. Driving through Detroit is not unlike spending some time in The Road Warrior or Escape From New York. Detroit serves as America’s relic of the industrial age. Land prices are so low that it doesn’t even make sense to tear down old buildings. Go to Detroit now and you’ll still find Tiger Stadium, even though it’s been abandoned for six years.

Many of the oldest buildings are being torn down, including the massive Packard plant. Although I can understand why people would feel that advertising urban decay isn’t the best strategy for renewal, I think that city is making a mistake by attempting to destroy many of the old, abandoned buildings. Marketed cleverly, the Fabulous Ruins of Detroit might attract tourism rather than dissuade investment.

In any case, take the tour, and try to make it to Detroit before the next old building is torn down.

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