Month: August 2004

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Irrational Robot points out that the Republican platform is calling for four constitutional amendments. These include a) an amendment in support of “human life” which presumably would ban abortion, b) an amendment to protect marriage from those pushing “the homosexual lifestyle”, c) an amendment to give victims of violent crimes specific rights, and of course […]

Minor Changes

In Robert Farley
On August 31, 2004
LGM Readers, The site will be undergoing some minor visual changes over the next couple of days. If these give you browser problems, hurt your eyes, or in any other way interfere with your reading pleasure, please let us know. The Staff UPDATE: The red proved problematic for some and overly exciting for others. We’re […]


On August 30, 2004

If there is one thing I’ve gotten sick of in the last four years, it’s having to pick my jaw up off the floor every so often, after it fall there in response to my lack of ability to prepa

Still glad that Andy’s back: Paris never wanted to be involved, but the notion that even a chief appeaser of Islamist terror can escape its fury is getting less and less persuasive. French journalists have been kidnapped in Iraq in protest of France’s admirable secularism in its education system. France refuses to give up its head-scarf […]
Don’t have much to say yet about the investigation into Larry Franklin for sending secrets to Israel. If you’re interested, check out Juan Cole, who has an extensive analysis, and this article by Josh Marshall, who’s been working on the story for quite some time. If you’re interested in chuckles this morning, read Instapundit. Shorter Glenn: If the […]
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