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Racism and the Filibuster

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On March 23, 2021
Moscow Mitch can try to claim that the filibuster has no connection to racism but any historian knows that’s a complete lie, even more bald-faced than your usual Mitch lie: The most famous such use of the filibuster was against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Opponents of the Act filibustered for a record-breaking 60 […]
The worst Democratic senator is almost certainly Joe Manchin. And the most disappointing in regard to where their politics vis-a-vis the political leanings of their state is Dianne Feinstein. But the most annoying and most damaging Democratic senator is Max Baucus. You may remember Baucus from his wankery during the health care debate. As chairman […]
Shorter Bob Corker: “I would happily undermine our nation’s security by refusing to ratify an important treaty as long as it meant that we would be able to continue to further undermine our nation’s security by irrationally discriminating against gays and lesbians.” The contemporary Republican Party defined! Perhaps nonpartisan libertarian Glenn Reynolds can ask Corker […]
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