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If you spend time in rural Oregon, you hear a lot of bitterness. Those damn environmentalists stopped our logging by prioritizing owls over people and now our towns have gone to hell. Oregon is an interesting state in the sense that fifty years ago, the entire place, including Portland, was basically a natural resources-based economy […]

Tree Spiking

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On June 16, 2016
Unfortunately, Earth First groups are going back to their old tactic of tree spiking, which is the strategy of fighting for the earth by driving metal spikes into trees so that they will break machinery and workers’ faces. Let us examine the last time this was a big tactic for Earth First: A tree cut […]
If the Washington landslide was on the east coast rather than a remote Washington logging town, it would have run the Malaysian Air flight off the front pages. But instead it’s only west coasters so it gets relegated to a fairly minor part of the news. In any case, my first thought when the hill […]
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