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Scott has said much of what needs to be said about Jennifer Roesch’s Jacobin article calling for the “radical left” to break with the Democratic Party. The problems with this article are numerous, for it blithely avoids providing useful historical context or examples of how third parties work in the United States, what the constituency […]

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On October 10, 2011
I’ll highlight the key word in the key grafs in Politico’s latest drooling about a mythical proactive third party candidacy: Despite their seemingly left-wing orientation, the Occupy Wall Street protestors have explicitly avoided any partisan reference. They blame both parties for what many protestors call the rigged financial system. Similarly, the tea party movement — […]
People who see third parties as a solution in the American system naturally tend to speak entirely in evasive gibberish, but I think Matt Miller’s latest plea is a particularly perfect specimen: If you think, as I’ve argued repeatedly, that we need a “radically centrist” third-party presidential candidate to shake things up, and to force […]
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