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Remember all the assertions that same-sex marriage would be easily preserved as long as the rights were declared by legislatures rather than courts? Well, there was never any actual evidence for the theory, and New Hampshire provides us with yet another dis-confirming data point. To state the obvious, opponents of same-sex marriage are outraged by […]

A Half-Retreat

On March 4, 2011

Well, this is better, if utterly incoherent. One important takeaway: the fact that bigot faction is already ginning up a referendum should be yet another lesson that opposition to judicial decisions l

It’s also worth looking at this important data compiled by Andrew Gelman and his colleagues, which breaks national trends down at a state-by-state level: The more important turning points in public opinion, however, may be occurring at the state level, especially if states continue to control who can get married. According to our research, as […]

Keep Waitin’

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On December 2, 2009
I must remind everyone once again that Peter Beinart, like so may centrist contrarians, was wrong about many things other than the Iraq War. You may remember his claim that the New York courts refusing to end the state’s marriage discrimination was the best thing ever to happen to same-sex marriage rights in New York. […]

In case you were wondering, still a myth. And, of course, public opinion on abortion on abortion has been remarkably stable since the early 70s, litigation-driven successes haven’t made abortion

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